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Chapter 6: An Eternal Recurrence

In Somendra’s unconscious, Jesus is very deep. And Jesus will be felt by many of you for another reason also. Although Somendra was not there in Jesus’ time, there are many people here who were. The greater number of my sannyasins are Jews. It is not accidental, it can’t be accidental. Jews don’t exist in India - not at all. So many Jews reaching me - there must be something profound in it. They have missed Jesus and an unconscious search continues. And in a very unconscious way they are smelling something here. This time they don’t want to miss. More and more Jews will be coming. That time they missed; it was difficult to accept Jesus in those days.

In these two thousand years much has happened. Jesus is more relevant now, more in tune with human consciousness now. Because Jesus was a Jew it was very difficult for Jews to accept him - as it is difficult for Hindus to accept me. Mind plays strange games. It somebody is born into your religion it becomes very difficult for your ego to accept him as enlightened. Or if somebody is born in the same village as you, it becomes even more difficult. Or if you have been studying with somebody in the same school and suddenly the rumor arises that he has become enlightened or has been chosen by God as his prophet. you will reject the idea outright. You know the man from his childhood, you know him in and out - how can he become the chosen one of God? While you are there, how can God choose him? How can God dare? If he was going to choose. he would have chosen you. It becomes very difficult for the ego.

India is going to miss me for the simple reason that I have been born here. This accident is going to be a calamity for India. You don’t see many Indians here. You may not have looked at it in this way. Why are they not here? It is very difficult for their egos to accept me, particularly Jainas - the small religious group of Jainas in India. It was an accident that I was born a Jaina. You will not find them here. Sometimes you will find a few Hindus here, but the number of Jainas will be smaller. And even smaller will be the number of that particular sect - in the Jaina sect there is this smaller sect - to which I belonged in this accidental birth.

The number of Jainas is very small - thirty lakhs in India - and among Jainas there are many sects. One sect, a very small sect, is samhiya - the word comes from samadhi - those who only believe in samadhi. It is the same word that has become sanmi in Japanese, and later on satori. You will rarely find a samahiya here, impossible. There are only a few thousand. They all know me, they are well-acquainted with me, but that is the problem - because of that they cannot come here.

India is going to miss. Apart from India, nobody is going to miss; everybody else will be more in tune with me.

Jews have come in great numbers. They have the feeling that something is happening here. The same drama is being enacted again in the twentieth century - something of Christ’s consciousness. And they can accept me more easily than they could ever have accepted Jesus. He was a Jew, a carpenter’s son - it was almost impossible to accept him.

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