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Chapter 18: Intelligence Is Our Only Treasure

It is not only about saying it to others, they say it to themselves. They convince themselves that this is simply a fact. But the problem is, even a fact may be just your opinion. In somebody else’s opinion it may not be a fact, it may be a fiction. For example, God is a fact to millions of people’s minds, and I say it is a fiction - the greatest fiction, the biggest lie.

You may think something is good, but you have got the idea of good from others - it is borrowed. You are simply reflecting the society’s mind in saying that something is good, something is bad, something is beautiful, something is ugly. And you are absolutely certain that it is a fact.

But I will tell you how these facts disappear when you just look a little more deeply, with a little more awareness. For example, you may think some woman is beautiful - not only may you think so, it may be decided by a whole committee of judges that she is Miss America or Miss Germany - but every country has its own idea of beauty. Because you live in a certain area where everybody is convinced along with you, you never suspect that there may be other people who cannot think of it as beautiful.

For example, in the East, none of those women who are chosen in the West as the most beautiful can be recognized as the most beautiful. The West goes about it very mechanically: their bodily proportions in inches, their weight - things which are not considered by individuals to be beautiful or not. Each section has a few marks: facial beauty - a few marks, the proportions of the body - a few marks, the weight of the body - a few marks.. Before falling in love with a woman has anybody ever made arrangements to weigh her and to measure her and then to decide if she is really beautiful?

I have seen these women’s pictures, and I could not believe it, because in the East that little weight will not be accepted as beautiful. The East has a different concept of a woman. You can see the statues of Khajuraho. That will give you the idea of what the East thinks beautiful. The woman must have some fat, because the woman’s basic function is to be a mother. In the West she is dieting to go into the competition, so all flesh disappears from the body. She is just a skeleton.

In the East, it is acceptable to be a little on the fatter side, because the fat is your food reservoir and the woman’s basic function is to be a mother. Now just a skeleton woman, howsoever proportionate the body, cannot become a mother. She does not have enough fat, because for nine months it will be difficult for her to eat; she will have to live on her own fat. If she has no fat it is impossible for her to become a mother. She needs breasts which can feed the child. That is part of her beauty in the Eastern concept.

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