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Chapter 15: Now Meditation Is Needed Even More

Here, you have to attain to clarity, to insight into everything, and I am giving you all the opportunities to see. And I will be giving you bigger and bigger opportunities to see yourself, understand yourself. Right now, you have missed the point. Try to see that it does not happen again. Next time, get it.

And it is my everyday business to create a situation in which you can miss or get it.

Just the other day I said that I am not anybody’s master, and nobody is my disciple. One sannyasin, immensely happy, wrote a letter to me, “This is what I always wanted to be: your friend.”

I have no objection. I want you all to be my friends - but you will have to travel a long way to be my friends.

You are living in the dark valley of your unconscious. You are fast asleep.

If you want to be my friends, then awake.

She has also asked, and that shows the mind of the sannyasin, “Now that we are your friends, is meditation needed anymore?”

Now meditation is needed even more.

A master-disciple relationship means the disciple can depend on the master, and the master has a certain responsibility. I dropped that responsibility yesterday. Now I am no longer responsible for anybody. You have to be responsible for yourself. You cannot depend on me. I am not your savior, I am not your leader. Now you have to become your own savior.

She got the idea of being a friend, but she missed the whole point.

Be as independent as I am.

Be as free of mind as I am.

Be as centered as I am.

Experience the same ecstasy, the same vast experience of ultimate blissfulness.

Then only can you be my friends.

Now you are to be more mature. A disciple can remain retarded, but a friend cannot be forgiven if he remains retarded. So every day I will be giving you chances. It is an effort to sharpen your intelligence, to give you integrity, individuality, to give you freedom from everything, to give you the beauty of your aloneness.

I love you. Please tell me if we have let you down. I feel hurt when I hear questions in discourse that don’t appreciate you and the love that you so generously pour on me. I hope that our love is also enough to help heal us, and you never feel we take you, our beloved, for granted.
Please comment on whether our not loving enough has anything to do with what you said about not wearing malas and only red colors. Also, Osho, please say if there is anything we as a commune can do to help the healing so we can really celebrate you and your love for us, and let this candle of our love burn completely at every end.

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