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Chapter 8: Truth Is Not Far Away

Here you are listening to me - can I ask who misunderstands me? Just raise your hands so I can see the percentage..

It is simply a confusion that there are more people who misunderstand me than people who love me and understand. It is just that lovers are always silent; they need not say anything. Slowly the noise of the negativity will die and slowly the truth is going to win.

If what I am saying is true, then there is no need to be worried; it is going to win.

If I am saying something which is untrue, then too there is no need to worry; it is going to fail by itself.

In any case there is no need to be worried. I am perhaps the only person in the whole history of humanity who has been fighting with so many traditions - Christian, Hindu, Mohammedan, Buddhist, Jaina, communist, socialist, fascist.Nobody has been against all these. Naturally, I have created a tremendous amount of antagonism in those people whose power is at risk; they are afraid. They understand what I am saying; they do not misunderstand.

The situation is quite different. When Jesus was crucified he said to God, “Father, forgive these people who are crucifying me because they know not what they are doing.”

With me the situation is different. Naturally, in two thousand years man has become more intelligent. I cannot say, “Forgive them because they do not know what they are doing.” I will say, “Forgive them, but they know what they are doing. They absolutely understand; there is no question of misunderstanding.”

One Christian bishop came to see me saying, “Why are you against Christianity?”

I said, “There is no question of why. I am against everybody. You are not any exception; I am against all that is old and rotten. You are two thousand years old, it is time to give place to something new.”

He brought a Bible as a present for me. I said, “If you give me a present, thankfully I receive it. But I would like to say to you that this is perhaps the only book which has more lies than any other book - not only lies, but five hundred pages are complete pornography. If I show you the pages you will not be able to read those pages in front of your daughter or your son. And still you go on calling it the holy Bible. I cannot call it the holy Bible - if this is holy, then there is nothing unholy in the world.”

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