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Chapter 8: You’re Not Plugged In

Before that, you cannot avoid misunderstanding. And it is good to understand that you cannot avoid misunderstanding. That will help you in many ways: it will make you humble; it will take away your arrogance; it will take away your so-called knowledgeability; it will put aside your ego which depends on all kinds of misconceptions; it will bring more innocence to you.

And in innocence meditation becomes easier. When the ego is not there a great barrier is removed. And when you are humble you can see that by the very nature of your being - as you are now - in ten situations, nine times there is misunderstanding. Perhaps one time there may be understanding.

But you cannot even figure out when it is understanding and when it is misunderstanding. Your light is so dim. Everything is vague. And one moment, just like a flash, a lightning, you see something, and another moment it is all darkness. And what you have seen seems to be just like a dream. Perhaps it is right, perhaps it is not.

In fact, if you are alert enough, you will start using the word perhaps more. If you are asked about anything, you will not be so deterministic, you will not be so definitive; you will not be so arrogantly certain; you will not talk in terms of absolutes, you will become more relative. You will say perhaps. “Perhaps it is so. It is very difficult..”

For example, you feel you are in love with someone. It is very difficult to say, “Perhaps I love you.” But it is true. More than that is not possible in the state man is in. Your love is only a perhaps, because what is love today can turn into hate tomorrow. Or maybe tomorrow is too far away. What is love this moment may disappear the next moment. Just a moment before you were so absolutely certain. And a moment afterwards you yourself cannot believe what has happened to you. Have you gone mad? What made you so certain?

You trusted too much in the one-tenth part of your mind, and you forgot completely about the unconscious mind which is so vast. And it is so dark that you don’t know what is going on there, what is cooking there. Just on the surface you are thinking of love and deep down there is hate and anger and jealousy and all kinds of wild sentiments, emotions, prejudices. And you are sitting on the volcano.

If you are alert, as one great enlightened man, Mahavira - even after his enlightenment, when he could be absolute in his statements without any conditions.even after his enlightenment he continued to use the word perhaps about every question that he answered. He was the first man in the whole history of mankind to bring in the concept of relativity. All that we can say is only relatively true - perhaps for the moment, but we cannot say it’s forever. We cannot make any unconditional statement.

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