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Chapter 1: An Ordinary Man

No, nothing influences me. Nor do I want anybody to be influenced by me, because the very fact of being influenced is a kind of mental slavery. I keep myself totally free from influences, and I never influence anybody, never try to convert, convince anybody. I am - for the first time - one who can claim to be religious. The whole past and its religions have been pseudo, false. To me religion has a totally different meaning. There is no God, there is no heaven and hell. All those past religions have exploited man with fear of hell and greed for heaven, and all those religions have kept man retarded, dependent on God - a big daddy somewhere above who is taking care of you. This made man irresponsible, this made man unintelligent. My religion is basically centered around consciousness, silence. Silence has its own way of communication. Just as words speak, but can be misunderstood - they are misunderstood - silence also speaks. It can be misunderstood. To understand silence, the other side, the receiving side, should also be silent. Then there is a meeting of the hearts. Something starts falling into tune, harmony, a kind of synchronicity. Nothing is said, nothing is heard, but everything is understood. Lovers know it; just sitting side by side saying nothing, something goes on moving between them.

If you were to explain to someone listening and watching who knows nothing about you or your religion. What is your theology, what is your belief, what do you stand for, what are you trying to achieve?

I have no system of belief. I have no catechism like the Christians, and I don’t have any dogmas, principles, theology. If somebody wants to understand me he will have to learn meditation, learn being silent and sit with me, live with me. There is no other way. All those belief systems are nothing but a process of conditioning you. A belief simply means you don’t know, still you believe. My effort here is that you never believe unless you know. When you know there is no question of believing; you know it. I destroy all belief systems and I do not give you any substitute. Hence, it is not easy to understand me.

You have no philosophy of life?

No philosophy of life. I have life itself. There are people who have philosophies of life, but they don’t have any life.

Your philosophy, if there is one, has been expressed in “the three L’s,” love, life, laughter. Is that a philosophy of life?


Could you explain that?

It is just a consequence of being silent and in tune with existence: love arises in you, life becomes abundant - laughter too, for no reason, just because this whole existence is so hilarious. This is not philosophy, this is the consequence of being silent.

Is it to enjoy life and not worry about tomorrow?

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