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Chapter 19: Cowards Cannot Enter Here

And all those generals knew, from this side to the other side, the same science. They knew what any general is going to do: he is going to attack the weakest point of the enemy. So naturally the enemy will gather all his forces at the weakest point.. But Hitler was not being directed by generals. And he would direct, “Attack where the enemy is the strongest. If you can defeat him there it is finished. Then everything else can be defeated very easily.” The argument was correct. He attacked the strongest points, but they had become weakest because of the military science. All the armies had been moved to the weaker points.

Finally, Churchill got the idea what was happening. And then from India astrologers were taken to England and told, “Now it is a question of a war amongst the stars. You decide; it is whatever you say.” And the moment Indian astrologers started deciding, ordering the generals, that was the beginning of Adolf Hitler’s fall, because Tibetan astrology is only a by-product of Indian astrology. It knows much less than Indian astrology knows.

Now it was a question between Indian astrology and Tibetan astrology, not a question between Germans and English and Americans and French. They were out of the game. The game was being played by two different kinds of astrologies. But Tibetan astrology is simply a by-product of Indian astrology, just as Tibetan religion is a by-product of Indian religion. Tibet has nothing original to it; everything is borrowed from India. So the Indian astrologers were in a higher position.

Man always finds it difficult to understand women, and even the greatest poets have been writing poetry and saying that the woman is a mystery. It is not a mystery; it is a question of two different species accidentally falling together. They don’t understand each other’s diplomacy, each other’s tactics, each other’s way of understanding. The husband thinks he is continuously misunderstood; the wife thinks she is continuously misunderstood.

It is a great chance for you, Devageet: you have been a man for so many years; now be a woman, so that you can know both the territories. Your experience will be far richer. And in fact, many people actually are changing their sex through plastic surgery.

Just today I was informed by Anando that billions of dollars are spent in America on plastic surgery alone. Almost half a million people every year are going through plastic surgery. In the beginning the age group that used to go through plastic surgery was when a woman.and it was confined only to women. When a woman started feeling old, she used to go through plastic surgery to remain a little younger, a few days more attractive.

But the recent development is that the majority of people in America who are going for plastic surgery are men, not women, because now they want to be young a little longer. Deep down they will become older, but their skin will show the tightness of a young man. And the most surprising thing in the report was that even a twenty-three year old boy has gone through plastic surgery to look younger.

America is certainly the land of the lunatics. Now if a twenty-three year old boy thinks that he needs to look younger, what about Devageet?

It is so ugly to go against nature.

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