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Chapter 30: Does a Flower Need Religion?

Joy is not a sin, and to be happy is not a crime. On the contrary, not to enjoy is a sin, not to be happy is to be a criminal, because the person who is not happy is going to do something wrong sooner or later. He is potentially on the way to crime. If he cannot be happy, he cannot allow anybody else to be happy; that is intolerable to him. He will be destructive of other people’s happiness, of other people’s joys. If he cannot enjoy, he is not going to allow anybody else to enjoy either. It hurts him that others are enjoying: “What is wrong with me?”

There is certainly something wrong with you. Perhaps you are a Christian, perhaps you are a Hindu - these are diseases, and they go so deep in you, they contaminate you all the way. Your blood, your bones, your marrow - everything becomes contaminated.

Just look at the face of Jesus. If you are a Christian you should look like Jesus, always carrying the cross, always sad, with a long face because the burden of the whole world is on his shoulders. He has to be the savior.

The savior cannot be blissful. There is so much to save, so many people are drowning, dying; so many people are committing sins - and you are being blissful? Sitting silently doing nothing - and the crime grows by itself! The savior cannot have any holiday. He cannot go to a holiday resort for a few days to relax and enjoy the sun and the sand and the sea. No, it is not for saviors. This is for pagans.

The pagan is never a savior, for the simple reason that if somebody wants to be miserable, it is his birthright - let him enjoy his misery! If he is enjoying his misery who are we to interrupt? If he wants to go to hell, then who are you to prevent him? He is not preventing you from going to heaven - you just go and take your flock with you, but leave him alone.

But saviors cannot leave people alone. That’s why I say they are the most dangerous people on the earth: in the name of good they will interfere with your privacy. They won’t allow you to live according to your own nature. They will force you according to their ideas of how a man should be. They have a certain mold, and they will try to fit you into that mold; and nobody is going to fit into their mold, because their mold is according to their size, their height, their weight, their shape. It is their mold - it fits them perfectly.

But all these saviors carrying this idiotic idea that what fits them is going to fit everybody; not only is going to, has to fit. The man is for the mold, not vice versa; the mold is not for the man. The mold cannot be changed according to you; you have to change according to their mold.

Perhaps Jesus enjoyed being sad and long-faced. I have no objection to it - it is his life. If he wants to paint it with dark and dismal colors, it is his birthright; but he cannot say to anybody that, “You cannot paint your life with such shiny, such colorful moments.”

But that’s what all these saviors have been doing. You have to paint your life just like a blackboard in a school. The darker it is, the happier the savior feels - he has saved one soul who otherwise was going to fall into the world of colors and songs, into the world of beauty and love. He was going to be distracted. Now he will remain with the dark color.

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