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Chapter 6: The Intelligent Way

There is no idea of changing anywhere, so the question of aggression does not arise. You don’t have even a vague conception of changing the world and making it according to yourself. You are simply living your life, of which you are the master. You are trying to live as intensely and as totally as possible, because life is so short and the next moment is so uncertain, that we have to take every moment as if it is the last moment.

Just the very idea - as if it is the last moment - will transform you. Then there is no need to be jealous, no need to be angry. In the last moment of life, who wants to be angry and jealous, sad and miserable? In the last moment of life, naturally all grudges and all complaints about life disappear. If each moment is taken as the last - as it should be because the next is uncertain - you are changing yourself, and your change is going to be infectious. It may change the whole world, but you had never intended it to. That is my way of changing the world without being aggressive.

Otherwise, up to now all reformers, revolutionaries, messiahs were violent, aggressive. They were bent upon saving you. They never even asked you whether you wanted to be saved or not; you were just something that they had to decide for. Who has given them the authority? They have not asked even your permission. And if you don’t change according to them, they are willing to throw you into dark, dismal hell forever.

And, of course, if you are willing - willing to commit a spiritual suicide and become just a shadow to these people - they are giving you all the rewards that you can imagine in paradise. Hindus have tried to change the world, Christians have tried to change the world; all the religions have been doing it. Communism, socialism, fascism, all have been doing it.

My sannyasins have to be totally different: a new phenomenon in the world, not interfering with anybody’s life, and yet transforming the whole world. This is real magic. You never intended, you never imposed, you never interfered, you never trespassed on anybody. You never made any judgment: “You are wrong and I am going to put you right.” You were never concerned. That is his business; that is his life. If somebody wants to destroy it, he has the right to destroy it. If somebody wants to live stupidly, then he is perfectly right to do that. It is his life. How he spends it, how he lives it, or if he remains almost dead, asleep from the cradle to the grave, that too is his life and he is the master of it. So my people have not to interfere into anybody’s life.

I have found a totally different approach to changing the world: just change yourself. And when you are rejoicing and dancing, you will find that somebody by your side has started dancing with you, because we are all the same human consciousness with the same potential. Nobody is a foreigner. We may speak different languages, but we understand one language. So when you are happy, smiling, the other - who may not be smiling - suddenly feels a smile come to his face. You may be a stranger, but you smiled at the person, you waved at the person. You have changed the person without his knowing it, without your intending it.

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