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Chapter 2: Gratitude Is the Only Prayer

Slowly, slowly, the more you start feeling my presence, the more you become accustomed to my silences of the heart, the closer you will move. The final stop will be when you have come too close. Just for a moment you will have to think whether to go one step more or a few steps backward or move away - it is too dangerous. The moth has come very close to the flame. Any more closeness and death is sure.

The ancient seers of the East describe the master as death. Strange definition! When I first came across it.death? But slowly, slowly it became clear. To me they were right, yet their definition is only half. I say, the master is death and resurrection.

Just to stop at death is very dangerous. It will give a totally different idea to the disciple, making him even more afraid. He has to be assured of a resurrection. And that is only possible not by intellectual argumentation, but by opening your heart to the disciple, inviting him within you. By and by his fear will disappear.

He will start feeling a new energy arising in him and a new life and a new way of seeing things and a new approach of looking at the world. And everything becomes so psychedelically beautiful, so colorful, so blissful. Then one does not care. One knows one is on the right path. And it is not a conviction, it is a realization that one is on the right path.

Each moment the silence is becoming deeper, each moment the joy is becoming wider, bigger. Each moment new flowers are continuously blossoming, new fragrances are surrounding you. Each moment you are coming to something tremendously valuable. But you cannot figure it out unless you have entered into it.

A missionary is an ugly phenomenon. I am absolutely against anybody being a missionary. Neither does he know anything, nor can he help anybody towards knowing or towards being. A master is a totally different thing. A missionary can be prepared in a school, in a college. There are colleges around the world where missionaries are prepared.

Just a few days ago I was telling you about a Catholic missionary college, where a professor told a student, “When you have become a missionary, how are you going to deliver your sermons in the church? For instance,” he said, “when you are talking about heaven, let your face show a radiance, let your eyes become lighted, let your whole being, your body, indicate that you are thrilled.”

The student asked, “That’s okay, but what about when we are talking about hell?”

The professor said, “For hell, your normal face will do. You don’t have to make any effort.”

A Catholic is trying to convert a Jew.he is really taking on a very difficult job. I am the only person who is deeply conversant with the Jews. Half my sannyasins are Jews. It has never happened before and it will never happen again! Jews are difficult people..

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