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Chapter 2: Service with a Smile

By the evening she became aware of the fact, and of the strategy of Gautam Buddha. She understood that whoever is born is going to die, “so what is the point of getting the child back again? He will die again. It is better for you yourself to seek the eternal, which is never born and never dies.”

By the evening she came back empty-handed. Buddha asked, “Where are the mustard seeds?”

She laughed. In the morning she had come crying; now she laughed, and she said, “You tricked me! Everybody who is born is going to die. There is no family, not in this village, nor in the whole world, where nobody has died. So I don’t want my son to be brought again back to life - what is the point? After a few days, or a few months, or a few years, he will have to die again. And all these years he will live in misery, in all kinds of anguish and anxiety. Your compassion is great that you did not bring him back to life!”

“Forget about the child. Initiate me into the art of meditation, so that I can go into the land, the space of immortality, where birth and death have never happened.”

Buddha said, “You are a very intelligent woman. You understood the point.”

I call this a miracle, not Jesus’ waking up Lazarus. I don’t call that a miracle. Apparently that looks like a miracle, but appearance is not the reality. I call Buddha’s strategy a miracle. Everybody is going to die, there is no point.. One has to get out of birth and death.

Buddha initiated the woman, and she became one of the enlightened ones among Buddha’s disciples. Her urgency was such.she knew that “My husband has died, my child has died, and now it is my number. Any moment and I will be a victim of death, so there is not much time. I don’t know at what moment death is coming, so I have to be totally involved in the search, in what Buddha is telling me to do: ‘Go inwards. Go to the very center of your being, and you will be beyond birth and death.’”

This I call an authentic miracle: cutting the problem from the very roots.

I am serving, but my service is very subtle. I am serving by waking up people to their innermost being. That is the only miracle I consider of any worth.

And I am serving the poor by not deceiving them that “You will inherit the kingdom of God.” I am constantly saying to the world that the poor are our creation. Those who are giving charity to the churches, they should stop exploitation. Charity won’t help. What charity are they giving?

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