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Chapter 2: Osho Talks on His Work and Vision

About thirty?


Can you give me a description of what sannyas means to you.


I mean briefly, if you can do so.

Yes. Sannyas to me means a life lived moment to moment, fruitfully, sincerely, without any idea of really why. All the old religions are motivating people that you get rewards, even in this life, or in some other life or after life. To me, this suggests exploiting their greed. This is not religious. This is pure business.

My initiation simply means that you do not consider any reward. If you love the work, then do it for love’s sake. To me work is worship and there is no need for any other worship and there is no need for any other worship. There is no need for any church or for any temple; there is no need even to believe in God.

I don’t teach any belief. I simply teach that you live because life is already there - you need not believe in it. and do not consider any reward. It is reward that makes you cunning, greedy, and then in devious ways you try to get it.

Sannyas is a totally new kind of religion - religion in the sense that it does not bother at all about God, whether he exists or not, it does not bother about afterlife.

Its whole existence is to know this consciousness that you already have and use this consciousness lovingly in whatsoever you are doing. Let go desire for any reward. If nothing comes out of it, there is no problem, because the work itself was its own reward.

In several of the books that I have read of yours you speak of this stage of enlightenment. I’m also interested in what enlightenment means to you.

Enlightenment means being fully conscious, aware. Ordinarily we are not conscious and not aware. We are doing things either out of habit or out of biological instincts...

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