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Chapter 12: The Lesson of Harmony

When you were young, you loved someone. Again, there was ecstasy. Again, you felt absolutely okay. Nothing was wrong. Life was good; everything was as it should be. Again, a moment - gather, nourish such moments. Go into them again and again.

Then you were older: sitting in a temple meditating, or in a mosque praying, or in a church, and again you felt silence entering you.

Collect all these moments, because they will make you more capable and sensitive to hear the greater music of the spheres. They are only fragments, but you have heard something in them that goes beyond you. Whatsoever the situation, if a certain happiness descended upon you, cherish that moment and make a part of your heart vacant of all other memories. Just collect those memories of blissful music that you have sometimes heard; it will be helpful.

You cannot suddenly hear all the music; you can hear it only in fragments, because the mind is such a small thing. The aperture of the mind is very small, and the sky is very big: you can only see fragments. But collect those fragments. Create a unity in them, feel a certain oneness in them, and you will become more capable, more sensitive, more alive to receive more. You will become more receptive.

But look at the human mind. It collects miseries, it collects sufferings, it collects pains. It never collects happy moments. It goes on collecting misery upon misery, and then life becomes a hell. It is your collection, it is your way of looking at things.

You go on saying that happiness is momentary. Your teachers, your so-called religious preachers go on saying that happiness is just momentary, but no one says that suffering is momentary, no one says that anguish is momentary! You go on feeling that anguish is permanent, suffering is permanent, and that happiness is just momentary. This is wrong: they are similar and equal. Both are momentary.

And ultimately, the reverse is true: suffering proves to be momentary and bliss proves to be eternal. But right now, with this mind, everything is momentary. Suffering comes and goes, bliss comes and goes - but you go on collecting suffering so it appears to be permanent. You never collect, you never cherish and nourish happiness and happy moments, so they look momentary.

It is your choice. Change the choice - because with too much suffering collected, you will gather more suffering. Suffering will increase; you are helping it to increase. Then a moment may come when you are so clouded with suffering that you cannot see that any bliss is possible. Then you will become totally negative.

Do quite the contrary. Only that will be a help for your meditation. Whenever suffering happens, don’t collect it. Allow it to happen, but don’t nourish it. Why go on talking about it? Everyone talks about his suffering. Why is there so much emphasis on it? Why give so much attention to it? Remember one of the laws: that whatsoever you pay much attention to grows. Attention is a growth-helping element. If you pay attention to something, it grows.

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