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Chapter 7: From Robopathology to Awareness

But robopaths are great ritualists. They depend on ritual. They do everything as it should be done. A ritual is by its very nature uncreative. A ritualistic person is never spontaneous, he cannot afford to be spontaneous. If you want to be spontaneous you will have to be alert. Spontaneity needs one necessary ingredient, and that is alertness. If you are not alert you cannot be spontaneous.

And of course, how can you be creative? You are repetitive, how can you be creative? Even great creators are rarely creative. Even great painters go on repeating their own painting, and great poets go on repeating the same poem again and again.

Only very rarely does a person sometimes create something - and those moments when creativity is there are moments of spiritual joy. That’s why creativity brings so much joy. A creative person is a happy person; an uncreative person is a miserable person.

Many people come to me and they ask how to be happy, where to find happiness. They cannot find it unless they become creative. Happiness cannot happen to them, it happens only to creative souls. Create something, become more spontaneous, drop repetitions. Let every morning be a new morning and let every experience be a new experience. Don’t think that all is old. Robopaths think there is nothing new under the sun - it is all the same so why bother?

Rather than living life, a robopath creates a ritual. For example, if he prays he prays as a ritual. He has learned a certain prayer, he goes and repeats it - he goes to the church; he has learned a ritual. There may be a temple by the side of the church, but he will not go to the temple - and the temple may be more silent. Or there may be a mosque and the mosque may be more silent. It is Sunday, all the Christians are in the church. If you really want to pray, the church is the last place. If you want to pray you should find a temple or a mosque where there will be silence and more of God. But a Christian cannot go there. He is not interested in prayer and he is not interested in God, he is only interested in a certain kind of ritual. That makes him feel that he is a Christian.

These ritualists create great problems in the world. They go on fighting, they go on debating whose ritual is the best. All rituals are just rituals; there is no question of there being a good ritual or a bad ritual. A ritual as such is bad, ugly. Spontaneity is good, ritualism is bad.

Just the other day I was reading a story:

Sedgewick, the eldest son of a respectable Boston family, walked into his father’s study one evening and made a shocking announcement. He intended to live openly with his boyfriend on Beacon Hill.

“Damn it!” exclaimed the parent. “Our family came here with the pilgrims and we have never had a scandal such as this.”

“I can’t help it,” said Sedgewick, “I love him.”

“But for God’s sake!” shouted his father. “He’s a Catholic!”

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