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Chapter 10: Drunk with Awareness

If you enjoy it today, you can enjoy it tomorrow too. Why postpone it? Postponement is a disease of the mind; it always goes on saying, “Tomorrow”.particularly for significant things. Any trivia and rubbish it will do today, the significant can be done tomorrow. But that tomorrow never comes: all that comes is always today. And if you have become accustomed to postponing for tomorrow, you have postponed your life completely.

.If you have two wives, that is bigamy; if you have many wives, that is polygamy; if you have one wife, that is monotony.

To avoid all these troubles, I don’t have a wife! Polygamy will drive you mad; bigamy is enough to destroy your whole life - and even monotony is powerful enough..

In my vision of a future humanity, there will not be polygamy, there will not be bigamy, there will not be monotony. Individuals will relate with each other, but will not create any relationship. They will remain free, independent individuals.

Now, Chamanlal is sitting before me - he is from Amritsar - and he loves me immensely. Very few people have loved me so deeply. I used to stay in Amritsar in his house. He is suffering from monotony: it has taken all his life and all his juice and all his joy. I have stayed in many, many houses all around the country, and it is always monotony.

One of my friends was rich enough.. I asked him, “What are you going to do with so much money? Whether you have nine crore rupees or ten crore rupees it won’t make any difference. With ten crore rupees you will not be happier than you are with nine crore rupees.”

He said, “That’s right.”

I said, “Now you are fifty. This is the time to turn towards the mountains.”

He was a courageous man; he stopped all his businesses, all his factories. When he met me next time, he said, “You have put me in such trouble.”

I said, “Trouble?.I was thinking you were troubled continuously - financing this, financing that, taking loans from the banks. I have put you out of all trouble.”

He said, “That’s okay - but now I am suffering from monotony. I have only one wife and for thirty years.just seeing each other is enough torture!”

I told him, “Take a beautiful bungalow in a hill station and move there.”

He said, “I can - but you will have to come with me. If you are there then I don’t care. But if my wife and I are there, we will kill each other.” They loved each other - it is not that they were not loving people. They loved each other, but I could understand his psychology.

Having nothing to do, he opened a dharmshala - a free house with two hundred bedrooms, for people who come to visit in his city to stay free of charge - just to create some work for himself and to avoid his wife the whole day. So early in the morning he would go out - and he was not earning anything.on the contrary he was losing, but he had enough to lose. He would return at ten or eleven in the night.

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