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Chapter 34: Not to Be: the Greatest Ecstasy

The mystics have been failures in the world for the simple reason that they could not encourage your greed. Religions have succeeded because they were not based on the teachings of the mystics, they were based on the cunning minds of the priesthood. And the priest knows what appeals to you; whatever appeals to you the priest is ready to give to you. Of course he cannot give it here, but he can give you a promise for the future, in paradise, in heaven.

It is of tremendous importance to understand different religions and their ideas about heaven and paradise, and to compare them. And you will be amazed at how they have exploited man. For example, the Indian hell is just eternally burning fire. India is a hot country. In hell you cannot find ice or a cold drink; that is not possible. In the Indian heaven it is always cool. In those days there was no idea of air-conditioning, but the way they have described it, it is almost air-conditioned: fresh, cool air, the early morning freshness and coolness remains the whole day. The sun is never hot. It simply gives light, not heat - the Indian is so burned with the hot sun - and cool rivers are available.

The Indian religion is against women; all the Indian religions are against all pleasures of the flesh. But in heaven - and nobody sees the contradiction - all kinds of pleasures are made available for saints. Beautiful women: Cleopatra, Noorjahan, Mumtaz Mahal, Hema Malini. The greater the saint, the more beautiful a woman he is going to get.

I have heard that when Muktananda died - and it is not history, just a few years ago - one of his disciples, in sheer despair, committed suicide. “Without Muktananda, there is no meaning in life.” His suicide was no ordinary suicide, it was spiritual; he had sacrificed himself for his master. He reached directly to paradise, and under a tree he saw Muktananda lying naked. At first he felt to close his eyes because this was not right, what was happening was not right - the whole old habit. He had just now died, and a beautiful woman. Later on he discovered that she was nobody else but Marilyn Monroe, with Muktananda.enjoying each other.

First he said, “This is absolutely wrong; this should not be so.” But then he remembered that in heaven your virtues are rewarded, so this must be a reward. And naturally his master was one of the greatest masters. So he went close, touched his feet - while the master was making love, he touched his feet and he said, “Master, I had never realized that you were so great that you would get such a beautiful woman. Marilyn Monroe! - even Robert Kennedy was after her. But you deserve it. In the house of God, justice is always done.”

At that moment the woman said, “You idiot, I am not his reward, he is my punishment!”

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