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Chapter 3: Home Is Not Far Away

This whole search for truth can be divided into four stages. And I would like you to ponder over these four stages, because you will be somewhere in these four stages - either in some stage, or passing from one stage to another.

The first stage I call “the jungle”; the second I call “the forest”; the third I call “the garden”; the fourth I call “the home.”

“The jungle” - it is the state of deep sleep; man is not consciously searching. The majority lives in this state. The search is there but very unconscious, not deliberate yet; groping in the dark but not exactly aware what for, or not even aware that one is groping, very accidental. Sometimes one may come across a window and may have a vision, but again that misses. Because one is not consciously searching, one cannot hold these visions. Sometimes in your dream something dawns on you. Sometimes in your love a door opens and closes, but you don’t know how it opened and how it closed again. Sometimes, looking at a beautiful sunset, something tremendously beautiful surrounds you: the other world has penetrated you - or at least has touched you, and then it is gone. And you cannot even trust that it was there, you cannot even believe that it happened.because you were not consciously searching.

Many times you come across God; mind you, many times you come across God, you meet him in many points of your life, but you cannot recognize him - because in the first place you are not looking for him. And remember, unless you look for a thing you cannot see it. You can see it only when you are looking for it. It may pass by your side, but if you are not looking for it you will not see it. To see something one has to look for it.

The first state is like a jungle: deep, dark, dense, primitive, primordial. No path exists, not even a footpath, and man is not going anywhere - goes on stumbling from one dark corner to another dark corner. The majority of humanity lives in the jungle, in the unconscious state of the mind. People are asleep: they are sleepwalkers, they are somnambulists.

That is the teaching of Buddha, Christ, Gurdjieff, Kabir: the majority lives not - only exists, vegetates. You seem as if you are alert; you are not. You live in a dense fog, clouded. Your life is mechanical. Yes, things happen, but they happen just as things happen to a mechanism: you push the button and the light goes on, just like that; you push the button and the mechanism starts functioning, just like that. Somebody pushes a button in you and anger comes; somebody pushes another button in you and you are very happy; somebody else pushes some other button and some other mood surrounds you - and there is not even a single moment’s gap between the pushing of the button and the mood arising. It is mechanical. You are not a master, you are a slave.

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