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Chapter 13: Godliness: An Experience of Immense Joy

Hence the same people who exploit the poor donate to these missions. Mother Teresa’s mission is called Missionaries of Charity. From where does all this money come? She feeds seven thousand poor people every day - from where does this money come? Who donates this money?

In 1974 the Pope presented her with a Cadillac and she immediately sold the car. The car was purchased at a great price because it was Mother Teresa’s, and the money went to the poor. Everybody appreciated it but the question is, from where had the Cadillac car come in the first place? The Pope had not materialized it, he had not done any miracle! It must have come from somebody who had enough money to give a Cadillac.

And the Pope has more money than anybody else in the world. From where does that money come? And then a little bit - not even one percent - goes to the poor, through these Missionaries of Charity. These agencies serve the capitalists; they serve the rich, not the poor. On the surface they serve the poor - apparently they serve the poor - but fundamentally, basically, indirectly they serve the rich. They make the poor feel, “This is a good society, this is not a bad society. We are not to revolt against it.”

These missionaries, these servants of the people, function like buffers in a railway train or like springs in a car. When you move on a rough road the springs protect you from the roughness of the road. The buffers between two bogies of a train protect the bogies from colliding with each other - they protect. These missionaries are buffers. These missionaries function like springs. Life remains a little smoother because of these springs, and the poor go on feeling that soon things will be better; they go on hoping.

These missionaries give hope to the poor. If the missionaries were not there, those poor would become so hopeless that out of that hopelessness there would be rebellion, revolution.

Now, I have criticized her and said that the Nobel Prize should not have been given to her, and she feels offended by it. She says in her letter, “Reference: the Nobel Prize.”

This man Nobel was one of the greatest criminals possible in the world. The First World War was fought with his weapons; he was the greatest manufacturer of weapons, he accumulated so much money out of the First World War. Millions of people died - he was the manufacturer of death. He earned so much money that now the Nobel Prize is being distributed only from the interest on Nobel’s money. One Nobel Prize now brings twenty lakh rupees with it, and each year dozens of Nobel Prizes are being given. How much money did this man leave? And from where did that money come? You cannot find any money more full of blood than the money that one gets from a Nobel Prize.

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