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Chapter 24: Nirvana Means Nothingness

This world is dominated by people who are basically inferior but are trying to cover up their inferiority with some kind of power, any kind of power. They have created many ways. Certainly everybody cannot be the president of the country - then divide the country into states. Then so many people can be governors, chief ministers. Then divide the work of the chief minister - then many people can be cabinet ministers, and just lower than them, many people can be state ministers. This whole hierarchy consists of people suffering from an inferiority complex. From the lowest peon to the president, they are sick with the same disease.

Indira Gandhi remained in power for a long time. When she was in power, she told my secretary many times that she wanted to see me and meet me, and she had a few questions. At least six times the date was fixed and just one day before, the message would come that “some emergency has arisen and she will not be able to come this time.” When it happened six times - that emergency arises, exactly! - I asked my secretary to ask her, what was the real thing? This emergency is not the real thing. And she was honest enough to say, “The problem is that my cabinet ministers, my colleagues in the parliament prevent me. They say, ‘Going to Osho can be disastrous to your political power.’”

Then she was defeated and my secretary said to her, “Now there is no problem. Use this opportunity. You are no longer prime minister of the country, you can come.”

She said, “It is even more difficult. Now my people are saying, ‘If you go there, then forget forever about becoming a prime minister again.’”

Her son Rajiv Gandhi was a pilot and he told my secretary many times that he wanted to meet me and to have my guidance about his future career, whether he should enter politics or remain a pilot. Since he became the prime minister, he has not asked for any guidance. Now the same fear..

I have become such a danger that if you come to me, all those who are against me will be against you! I have such a great company of enemies around the world - I enjoy it really - a single man without any weapon is at war with twenty-five countries! And those great countries, having all the power, seem to be absolutely powerless.

In Germany, my people have filed a case against the government because in the parliament they were calling Christianity a religion and my movement a “cult.” In the Christian theological world, the word cult is condemnatory. In two courts we appealed that either they should also call Christianity a cult or they should call our movement a new religious movement, but they cannot call it a cult. And two courts have given their verdict in our favor, saying that the government has no right to condemn and use condemnatory words for people who have not done any harm in the country. It is a religious movement. But the government goes on continuing to use the same word, “cult.”

I am informing my people that those two courts should make it clear to the government that they are destroying their constitution, their law, themselves. And against the court’s ruling, if anybody in the parliament again calls my religious movement a cult, he should be treated as a criminal. It may be the chancellor of Germany itself, it does not matter.

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