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Chapter 45: Christianity: Doomed to Die

In the Korean war, American soldiers who were caught by the communists were all deprogrammed. They returned - the war ended - but they could not fit again into their society. And you will be surprised to know that within ten years after the war, thousands of veterans - soldiers who had come from Korea - had committed suicide in America, for the simple reason that they were in a limbo. The communists programmed them heavily for communism, and it was not a question of a few days - for years they were in the hands of communists. They cleaned them of all Christianity, all democracy, all capitalism - “these are all nonsense, the real thing is communism, dictatorship of the proletariat” - and when they came back, naturally they could not fit with American society; and nobody bothered about them - what had been done to their minds. It was so difficult to live in America for them because everything that they were seeing around them was wrong. Now they have brought a mind that has been conditioned, and nobody was aware of it.

It was such a torture that the only way out was to commit suicide, and no American leader - political or religious - even bothered to talk about it: “What is the reason that these people are committing suicide? They should be happy that they are back home.”

Now the pope is consulting experts from seventy-five countries.it is not his own insight, it is not his own understanding. It is these experts who first suggested deprogramming. Now seeing the results.. It does not help, it simply creates a confusion in the mind of the person - a part of him still remains with the new movement he joined out of his own choice, and a part is what you have forced on him, and he cannot forgive you; you have been violent with him.

And many deprogrammed people again join the movements, and you cannot deprogram them a second time, because they know all the tricks that you did before.

These are the same experts who had suggested that people who are leaving Christianity and moving into new movements, can be turned back very easily. Now they see that they cannot be turned back so easily. Even if you force them back, they are never the same person. Their minds become mixed - and they know that they have been kidnapped, they know that they have been forced. They cannot forgive their parents, they cannot forgive the programmer; they cannot forgive the church; they cannot forgive the religion - because violence has been done against them. Their basic human right has been violated. Either they will have to join some movement or they will remain in this confused state.

And the greater danger that Christianity created was for itself: the people who had not moved into new movements, who had not been reconditioned, became aware that it is only a game of programming. You can program a person into any kind of thing; it is just to put certain ideas into his mind-computer, and there are ways and methods by which this can be done.

You have taken away the profundity of religion itself. That’s why the pope has issued the order that nobody should be deprogrammed.

This could have been seen from the very beginning. Anybody who understands the abc of psychology could have seen it.

Now to say that new religions should be accepted as a challenge.. What has Christianity got to offer to humanity? If it had anything these people would not have moved into all kinds of things that are superficial, sometimes even stupid - but still they are more exciting than the dullness of Christianity, than the boring dogmas, the illogical concepts for which your heart never says yes and you are being forced to say yes.

It is just to cover up the stupidities that they have done in twenty years of deprogramming. Something has to be said to them, “Now what will you be doing? If not deprogramming, then what else? Take it as a challenge.”

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