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Chapter 6: I Really Mean Business

That’s why religion comes to realize about the oneness of existence - because it depends on intuition. Science goes on dividing, splitting. It reaches to the minutest particle, called it the electron. The world becomes a multiplicity, it is no more a universe. In fact, scientists should stop using the word universe, they should start using a new word, multiverse. “Universe” has a religious tone - “universe” means one. Religion reaches to one; that is the experience of the center. But the center can function only when you move from the circumference to the center. It needs a quantum leap.

You say: “Should one never use one’s head at all?” I have not said that. I am talking against the head only because my work is religious.

There was a nymphomaniac whom nobody could satisfy. Men from all over the world did their best, yet failed. When Machista came, the two went into a room for five hours.but when he finally came out he was totally exhausted, an absolute wreck. He had to admit failure.

Tarzan too made an attempt. He was brought all the way from the jungle to try. Lots of people waited outside for hours, thinking that he would surely make it, but when he came out he just muttered: “That woman is a wonder! Nobody can do it!” and disappeared.

More and more ambitious men came with high hopes - still, it did not happen. Then one day this little Jewish tailor, whose shop was on the street corner, passed by. He was curious to know what it was all about, and even though most of the crowd thought such matters were not for him, they told him. To their great surprise he said immediately, “I will do it!” So just for a laugh, they let him go in.

Fifteen minutes later he and the lady came out, hand in hand, beaming, smiling from ear to ear. There was no need to say anything. It was a success.

“What’s the trick, how did you do it?” everyone wanted to know.

“Well, there are situations when you have got to use your head,” he said nonchalantly.

Get it?

The third question:

Is Tao a synthesis of the paths of love and awareness?

Tao is not a synthesis in the sense we understand the word. It is not synthesis in the sense Assagioli uses the word psychosynthesis.

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