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Chapter 11: A Meeting of Life with Death

If you can carry the quality of happiness from loneliness to society, suddenly you will become aware of a new phenomenon, a new happening within you - that society helps you to be alone, and aloneness helps you to be deeply related with people. A man who has never lived in loneliness cannot know the beauty of relationship; cannot know, I say, because he has never been alone. He has never been a person - how can he know the beauty of relationship?

A person who has never lived in society cannot know the ecstasy of aloneness. A person who is born in a lonely place, is brought up in a lonely place, do you think he will be ecstatic? Do you think he will enjoy the loneliness? He will simply become dull and stupid.

Go to the hills, go to the Himalayas. People are living there - they have lived there for thousands of years, they are born there - but however much you feel the beauty of the Himalayas, they can’t feel it. However much you enjoy the silence there, they cannot enjoy it. They are not even aware that the silence exists. When they come to the cities they feel a thrill - the same thrill as you feel when you go to the hills.

People living in Mumbai, London and New York feel a thrill when they go to the Himalayas. When people living in the Himalayas can come to Mumbai, New York or London, then they feel how beautiful the world is. The opposite is needed to feel - it becomes a contrast.

The day is beautiful because there is night.

Life has such joy because there is death.

Love becomes an inner dance because there is hate.

Love leads you to a high peak of consciousness, because love can be lost. It is nothing that you can rely on. This moment it is there and the next moment it is not. The possibility of its absence gives depth to its presence. Silence becomes more silent when in the background there is noise.

An airplane passed just a few moments ago. You can look at it in two ways: if you are a disturbed man inside you will feel it as a disturbance of the silence. If you are integrated within, the noise of the airplane will deepen the silence here. The noise becomes a background; it gives shape and form to the silence. It gives a sharpness. The silence when the plane has passed is more than it was before. It depends on you.

Always remember: Don’t get dependent on things, situations, conditions. Then you can move. Don’t avoid movement, otherwise you will get fixed. Everybody is afraid of movement because you are dependent. You cannot come out of your hills, your solitariness, to the world of the market, because you know you will be disturbed. What type of silence is this which can be disturbed by the market? What value does it carry? Of what worth is it? If the market can destroy it, if the world, the humdrum world, can destroy it, then your silence is very impotent. If your silence is really potent, if you have attained it, nothing can destroy it.

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