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Chapter 1: The Golden Mean

It is in the vision of a cosmos that Pythagoras became the originator of a scientific concept of the world. He was the first scientist because he provided the very foundation. His idea of cosmos has to be understood, because without understanding it you will not be able to understand what he is talking about.

The inner world, the world of the spirit, follows certain laws, and those laws are unchangeable, they are perennial. Hence I have called this series Philosophia Perennis - the perennial philosophy. Those laws are not time-bound, they are beyond time. Time itself functions within those laws. If you want to do something in the outside world, you will need to know how the outer existence functions, because unless you know how it functions you are bound to fail.

Nature has no obligation to adjust to you - you will have to adjust to nature. You can win nature only by adjusting yourself to nature. You can become a conqueror too, but not against nature - with nature, in tune with nature. You can become a master of the inner kingdom too - not against the laws but in tune with those laws.

It is because of this mystic vision - that the world is not accidental, not anarchic, but an absolutely harmonious, cosmic, orderly world - that Pythagoras was able to discover many things for the seekers. One thing that he discovered was that music can become the milieu for meditation. He was the first to introduce that idea too to the West. In the East we have known it for centuries, that music is the best aid to meditation. Why? because music creates harmony around you, and the harmony around you can provoke harmony within you. If the outside is harmonious, the inside also starts falling in line with it - and that you have watched many times.

In the marketplace, you feel a great disturbance inside you - with the crowd you never feel at home. In the market-place the whole atmosphere is anti-music; there is no harmony, it is a chaos. And the outer chaos provokes inside chaos.

Go into a madhouse and be with mad people for a few hours and you will see: you start feeling something going crazy inside you. Go to the hospital and just be with the ill patients there for a few hours, and you start feeling a sickening is entering into you, a kind of sick feeling. You are not sick; you were not sick when you entered the hospital. What has happened? The sick vibe all around you starts synchronizing inside you, because the outer and the inner are not divided; they are part of one whole. The inner is the inner of the outer, and the outer is the outer of the inner. They cannot be separated. So each affects the other.

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