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Chapter 27: This Time It Can Be One Earth

It is just playing with sound, creating rhythm with sound.

Meditation is the rhythm of silence.

Unless a master can teach music plus meditation he is not really a maestro, he is only a teacher, a mere teacher of music. He becomes a master of music when his music is an instrument to teach, to create, the space called meditation.

The same is true about dance, the same is true about all the arts. Great sculpture exists in the East unparalleled anywhere else, but all the sculpture is devoted basically to mediation, in some way or other.

You can see Roman sculpture - naked men, pornographic. And why naked men - because Romans were homosexuals; they thought the woman was not beautiful. The male, the athletic male, was thought to be the pinnacle of beauty; hence, you will not find in Roman sculpture women represented at all.

The same was the case in Greece. And you will be surprised that even people like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, were all homosexuals. Homosexuality was thought to be a refinement, a more cultured thing because heterosexuality exists in animals, that is nothing special. The logic is perfect: All animals are heterosexuals, so what is great in it? If man is heterosexual he is just an animal.

That’s how Aristotle has defined man, as the only political animal. In every other aspect he is animal; only politics is something that is more, a plus factor.

But in India you will find sculpture a thousandfold greater, millions of temples with tremendously beautiful statues of men, of women - but all devoted basically to meditation. Just looking at the statue of Buddha you will feel some serenity within you - the proportion of the Buddha, the body, the posture the way he is sitting, the half-closed eyes. You just sit silently, look at the statue, and you will start falling into a silence.

Gurdjieff used to call Eastern art “objective art” and Western art “subjective art.” He means by objective art, art which has some intrinsic quality which can be imparted for thousands of years. The work of art is a code word. After experiencing meditation for thousands of years, meditators have come to recognize that a certain posture, a certain way of sitting, a certain way of the eyes, can create in anybody a synchronicity, a sympathy; some sympathetic note can be stirred by the statue.

In the East a statue is not made for its own sake. It is made as a code language for centuries to follow. Scriptures may disappear, languages may change, words may be interpreted. Doctrines can be wrongly interpreted, commented upon. There may be dispute about theories - and there has been - so they thought there must be a different way than language.

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