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Chapter 39: Every Child Is Born a Witness

There is, in India, one of the most ancient stories of a king, Rama, whose wife, Sita, had been stolen by another king. It took three years of fighting to get the wife back. Naturally, Rama was suspicious; three years in the enemy camp - who knows whether she has been able to remain pure? He proposes a fire test - she has to pass through fire. If she is not burned, then her love is pure, she has not loved anyone else.

When I was reading it in my early childhood.because every child in India reads about Rama and his wife, Sita. Rama is thought to be one of the incarnations of God. But when I read about his suspicion, I told my father, who was teaching me the story, “If Rama suspects her, then his love is not very great. And in my opinion, Sita is far higher than Rama, because she does not suspect him. Three years he was also away from her; in these three years he may have loved some woman, desired someone. She does not ask Rama, ‘You also come with me, we both should go through the fire test.’ She proves that her love is authentic.”

And the story is beautiful: she comes out of the fire without being burned. That is simply a symbolic way of saying that even fire cannot burn true love. Nothing can destroy it.

But what about Rama? I said, “As far as I am concerned, he has fallen in my eyes. Sita is far superior. But in India, he is worshipped as the reincarnation of God, not Sita.” I told my father, “This is inconceivable.”

My father said, “I have read this story myself many times, but this point was never apparent to me. Perhaps you are right.”

The man with suspicion cannot have the purity of love. And the woman without any hesitation, without questioning, goes through the fire. I know fire will not change its rules whether your love is true or not, but the story is symbolic. It says even fire will not hurt and change authentic love.

But Rama fell in my eyes from that very day. And I have tried many times - because all over India people were asking me to speak on Rama, and I said, “I cannot do that, because you will not be able to hear what I want to say. And I cannot say what you want to hear. It is better not to bring Rama between us.” I have spoken on all prophets, saviors, messengers, except Rama - and Rama is the most worshipped in India - for the simple reason that from the very beginning that man shows a very mean mind.

Your love comes from the mind, which is basically mean. Love coming out of no-mind has a splendor of its own, a grandeur, something of the divine in it. Anything that comes out of meditation comes with the aura of eternity: painting, sculpture, poetry, music.

Look at modern music: it is simply insanity, it is not music. Just making noise is not music. It may help you to have some catharsis - that’s what music like jazz does, it is cathartic. You feel afterwards a kind of well-being, relaxed; but it is not music.

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