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Chapter 8: This Is the Queen: Cleopatra

He brought, next day, a map of the whole world. He fixed it on the wall and he said, “Come here, now I will prove it. Which is the greatest country in the world?” Of course, it was France because all were French. So the whole world was dropped, only France remained. And then he said, “Which is the greatest town, city, in France?” Of course it was Paris, all were Parisians. Then he said, “And which is the greatest place in Paris?” Of course it was the University, the citadel of wisdom. Now the students started feeling a little restless because he was coming to the point, and it would be difficult now to disprove. And then he said, “Which is the best and the greatest Department in the University?” Of course it had to be philosophy: the most ancient, with the secret-most knowledge. “And who is the head of the Department of Philosophy? He is the greatest man in the world.”

This is how you all function. This is the logic, this is the proof.

Please don’t be foolish. Let philosophers be foolish, you need not be. Drop all such nonsense. It is all garbage. And once you drop it, you will feel so clean. As if you have taken a bath in eternity. You will feel so unburdened, so young, because all this rot in your head is making you rotten. You are ill because of it. You cannot be healthy unless you throw all this garbage.

Be simple, ordinary. Everything is ordinary - or you can call it extraordinary, that makes no difference. This morning is as extraordinary as any morning.

And people have always thought like that. Whenever you fall in love you feel - this woman, this is the queen. Cleopatra. There has never been such a woman. But every lover has felt like that. And not only that, you will fall again and again in love, and again and again you will feel, “Now this is the real Cleopatra; that was nothing.” and you will forget that you have been saying the same thing to many women.

Every lover feels an ego-enhancement. And this has been the cause of much misery in the world. Christians think they are special, the very chosen of God. Jews think they are very special, God has made them the chosen race. And that has created much misery in the world. If you are the chosen race then you are forgiven all sins, you can do whatsoever you like.

Nobody is chosen or everybody is chosen! The dog on the street is also a chosen dog, and ordinary grass is also chosen, and stars are also chosen, you are also chosen - either all are chosen or nobody is chosen, it is for you to decide.

But never say :I am chosen” because then what about others?

Mad people like Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, Stalin, they all feel they are chosen people: they are made to govern, and others are made to be governed. These people create trouble. But you also have the same seed within you; if you allow it to grow you can become an Adolf Hitler.

Nobody is special. Life is so beautiful in its ordinariness, so extraordinary in its ordinariness, why bring these nonsense concepts into it and disturb it?

The third question:

Does a sinner deserve to be enlightened?

Otherwise who else? A saint is already enlightened, only sinners are left to be enlightened.

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