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Chapter 20: Friendliness Is Enough

When two persons make love, the man releases in one lovemaking almost a million living sperm, and a great politics starts because they all run fast to reach the mother’s egg. Only one will be able to enter. The mother’s egg is made in such a way that it remains open until a living male sperm has entered it. The moment the sperm enters, it closes. It rarely happens that two cells reach simultaneously - that’s why twins are born - or sometimes three, or sometimes four; but these are exceptions.

That small passage is a long journey for the small sperm. According to its size it is almost two miles long, and a great struggle.a million people trying to reach to become the president! My understanding is that the wiser ones will stand to the side and let the idiots go ahead.

Rabindranath was the thirteenth child of his parents. If there had been birth control, Rabindranath would not have ever been born. And even without birth control there are very few people who produce thirteen children. If the parents had stopped at one dozen, which would have been more logical and a more rounded figure, Rabindranath would have been out of the game, you would never have heard of that man and his greatness.

But science has become able, within these last ten years, to read the whole future of a single sperm: whether it is going to become a scientist, whether it is going to become a poet or a doctor or a philosopher or a mystic or a dancer or a musician. Its potential can be read. Its life pattern, in minute detail, can be read: whether it will be a healthy child or a sick child, whether it will die after six months or after a hundred years. To go on doing the old accidental thing and producing children, not knowing whom you are bringing into the world - whether you are giving birth to an Adolf Hitler or a Benito Mussolini or a Joseph Stalin or a Ronald Reagan.you don’t have any idea. It is a very blind game.

Love should be only of friendship. And if society has a need and the medical profession proves your wife to be the right vehicle for bringing a child into the world, then from their sperm bank they can find the right sperm and inject it. You can go on making love; that is a separate affair.

There has been the pill, but it was not a hundred percent foolproof. Sometimes you are not thinking that you are going to make love and you don’t take the pill, and suddenly your lover turns up and you take the risk. They chance it - it is not always that one becomes pregnant. Now they have come up with two other pills. One is to be taken after you have made love - that is a hundred percent effective - and for the second one the woman is not needed, just the man can take a pill. They have come up with a pill for men, too. Then the woman need not take any pill. Your love becomes pure fun, pure joy, without any responsibility and burden.

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