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Chapter 21: Confess to the Stars

The authentic wise man is one who gets rid of all ignorance, and never allows himself to be burdened by borrowed knowledge; he gathers knowledge through his own experience. Your questions are tremendously helpful to get rid of your ignorance.

I want you to again become childlike, innocent, because from there you have taken a wrong route. I have to bring you back to the same crossroads from which you took the wrong road. Once you start feeling deeply in your heart that “I know nothing,” you are finished with ignorance.

Now you can start searching for the truth which is part of your being. Now you can start searching for existential experiences of love, peace, silence, beauty, joy - which are all part of your own being. You don’t have to go to any library, and you don’t have to go to somebody wiser. You have simply to go to your own innermost source from where your life arises, from the same source that your light will also arise.

You are asking, “It seems that I have an expectation that by telling you, you can free me.”

By telling me, you are freed. I cannot free you, I am nobody’s savior. That old crap about saviors, prophets, messengers.I don’t belong to that rotten lot. By simply asking it, you have taken the first basic step of getting free of it. My work will be to destroy your question so that you don’t allow it to enter in you again, so that you can say, “Enough is enough. Now get lost! You have tortured me enough.”

Life does not consist of questions, life consists of mysteries which cannot be questioned and cannot be answered. Hence, it is available only to the innocent. The knowledgeable one is as far away from life’s mysteries as his knowledge is great. The humble, the simple, the innocent person is close to the source of life and light because there is nothing to take him away from it.

And you are also worried that you are “.abdicating responsibility by asking in this way? Perhaps it is not authentic asking?” Every asking is authentic if the question means something to you. If it does not mean anything to you, then even if the question is borrowed..

Once a professor came to me and asked, “One of my friends has fallen in love with a woman who is not of his caste.” In this country, the caste is such a problem. “Now, what do you suggest?”

I looked into the eyes of the man and I saw that he was trying not to look directly into my eyes. I said, “It will be better if you send your friend. He can ask the question for you.”

He was very much shocked. He said, “How did you know it?”

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