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Chapter 10: Bliss Beyond All Duality

The mysterious is frightening, because the mysterious is vast. And the mind feels lost in the mysterious. That’s why in all the languages there exists the expression “falling in love.” It is a condemnation from the mind. The mind is saying, “You are falling. You are going lower than yourself. You are moving into something which is not true because it cannot be formulated in clear-cut concepts. You are falling into something vague, something cloudy; you are becoming a chaos. Avoid it!”

Mind always says, “Avoid love.” And that’s why in the world you find so little love, because the world is full of mind. We teach mind. From the very childhood, from the kindergarten to the university we go on teaching mind and we avoid the heart. We have learnt the ways to bypass the heart completely, because the heart is the door of the mysterious, where “whys” cannot be answered.

And if a man has avoided the heart, he has avoided all the joys of life. He has avoided his own most interior core, his interiority. He has avoided his subjectivity. He has avoided the greatest experience that life makes possible: the experience of love.

Please drop the why. If you have fallen in love, go on falling more and more. There is no end to it, it is a bottomless abyss; the more you fall the more you become able to fall further. And the deeper you have gone into the abyss, the greater and greater are the mysteries that become available. Then life is poetry, not prose. Then life is not a noise but a melody. Then life is not matter but godliness.

But slowly, slowly, all “whys,” all “hows” will disappear. You will live in the is-ness of the moment. Your life will have a tremendous presence, but no answers. You will know what life is, but you will not have any knowledge at all.

Knowing is one thing, knowledge another. Love is a phenomenon, which can be experienced - knowing is possible but knowledge is not possible. It cannot be communicated in words. It remains such a deep taste in you; you cannot bring it into any verbal communication.

If somebody asks you why, you will be at a loss. But you can ask - there are so many lovers here. Each of my sannyasins is a lover. It is not the relationship between a teacher and a student; it is a love affair between a master and a disciple. I call it the “mad” game. M stands for master, and d stands for the disciple: master and disciple game. It is a mad game, utterly mad.

You ask my mad people. You can ask Vivek - for two lives she has been falling in love; this is her second life with me. You ask her why, and it will be impossible to answer. She can cry or she can laugh or she can dance, but she cannot answer why because there is no why in it.

Love simply happens, it is a happening. If you do it, you can answer the why. But you are not the doer. You are just a host to something from the beyond - a guest comes from the beyond and knocks on your doors - how can you answer why? You have never known him before. And even if you know now, it is so overwhelming that all words are inadequate. Tears can say something, maybe, perhaps - or a dance or a song or a hug. But words are very inadequate.

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