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Chapter 4: Music Comes Closest

A child is not burdened with knowledge. You have to become a child again; then the work of a Buddha is very simple. It is the simplest work in the world - because the Buddha is not going to make you achieve something, he is simply helping you to see what is already the case. What can be more simple?

But grown-up people are really blind, utterly deaf. Their hearts are closed, they can’t feel, they are hung up in their heads, and to communicate with a Buddha you need an open heart. People are encapsulated in their thoughts, so much so, that they live in their own world, continuously imprisoned in their ideologies, in their words. You can’t talk to them. You say one thing and they immediately understand something else.

Just the other day I received a letter dated April 18, from the Ritz Hotel, Mysore:

“Dear Sir,

I am very upset since one of your devotees staying at this hotel, a friend of Swami Anand Hasyo, informs me that you make fun of our new president, the Reverend Canon Banana, in your daily Sufi dances. I am told that your devotees are taught to sing: ‘You are a banana to me.’ This is very disrespectful. How would you like it if in Zimbabwe we taught our people to sing, ‘You are not my Bugwan’? Trusting that you will deal with this matter without delay..”

The song is this:

“You can fall in love with a star,

You can fall in love with a tree.

I love you just the way that you are.

You are a mystery to me.”

Or, if your partner looks serious, say “banana” instead of “mystery to me.”

This Sufi dance has been going on for years, and this fellow, Reverend Banana, became president only on 7th April this month, only one week ago. In fact the nation of Zimbabwe is only one week old. On 11th April he became the president elect, on 17th April he actually became the president. We have been using the word banana for years; it has nothing to do with Reverend Banana.

The letter-writer has also sent a picture of Reverend Banana - and he looks like a banana, so I can very well understand why he is upset!

Now he should approach the un to change the English language; bananas should not be called bananas anymore. And what will you do about the expression “He has gone bananas”? Now you will have to say, “He has gone Reverend Bananas.” That will be much more suitable. All the other bananas will be very happy.

Now, these stupid people are all over the world..

And would you believe what the name of this man is? His name is Israel Tomato!

Now I am waiting for some letter from Michael Potato! I really got worried about the whole thing. I love bananas, I love tomatoes, I love potatoes. Now to eat them will mean you are a cannibal!

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