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Chapter 29: Life - for the Sheer Joy of It

And when I said that it is a mystery school.. If you enter in a special kind of university, academy, you have to fulfill few requirements. For example, I don’t allow any drugs inside. In Seattle you must be allowing. The dog is not sniffing you. He is sniffing the drugs, and unless you are carrying drugs you will not feel offended. The dog only sniffs something wrong.

It is perfectly right. He protects the commune from drugs, from bombs, from people carrying poisons. And there have been so many threats every day that they would burn the whole city, that they will kill all the sannyasins. So many phones, so many letters.

We go on giving all those to the police. It is enough to prove that we need some kind of protection. And the government has not provided any. It seems the government is on the side of those people who are giving threats. Perhaps behind those people are the politicians who are in the government.

Then, naturally, everybody has a birthright for self-defense.

And we are not harming anybody. We are just searching in case you are going to plant something inside the commune and tomorrow we are responsible for it. So this is a simple method to avoid it.

It seems as though most of the bombs and poison came from people who live inside the commune, not people from the outside. Why don’t the dogs sniff sannyasins too?

They sniff everybody. But the problem was, I was in isolation for three and a half years. I was not available to the commune. No information was available to me. This became a great opportunity for people who were holding power posts. They made a small clique. It is just human.

When you get an opportunity for two hundred million dollars in your hands, five thousand sannyasins to work and to create the commune, absolutely committed and devoted..

Because these twenty people were the heads of all the corporations, they could manage to bring things in. It was absolutely natural that the president of the commune would not be suspected of carrying bombs inside or carrying drugs inside. So she managed it.

And they had a underground passage just under Sheela’s bedroom, another room, and from that room another facade of a jacuzzi bathroom, and from the bathroom a long tunnel that opens at the airport.

So from the airport directly you can carry anything. The poor dog will not be even aware what is happening. He will be waiting on the road.

Because the topmost twenty all had committed crimes - and this is a basic principle of all criminal groups, that everybody should commit a crime. That makes the group completely solid. Nobody can expose it, because to expose it means exposing yourself too. You have also committed. So they managed that everybody commits something.

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