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Chapter 2: The Mystery beyond Mind

The mind is a killer, a murderer - the murderer of all mysteries. And mind is always at ease with anything dead. With anything alive mind feels uneasy, because you cannot be the total master. The living is always there - unpredictable. With a living thing the future cannot be fixed, and you don’t know where it will go, where it will lead. With a dead thing everything is certain and fixed. You are at ease. You are not worried about it, you are certain.

To make everything certain is a deep urge in the mind because mind is afraid of life. Mind creates science just to kill every possibility of life. Mind tries to find explanations. Once an explanation is found the mystery is dissolved. You ask a why and it is answered, then the mind is at ease. What have you achieved through it? You have not achieved anything, you have lost something - a mystery has been lost.

Mystery makes you uneasy because it is something greater than you, something which you cannot manipulate, something which you cannot use as a thing; something which overwhelms, something which overpowers, something before which you are naked and impotent - something before which you simply dissolve. Mystery gives you a feeling of death; hence so much inquiry about whys - why this, why that? This is the first thing to be remembered.

But don’t think that I am avoiding your question. I am not avoiding it, I am telling you something about the mind - why it asks. And if you can retain the feeling of mystery, I am going to answer. If the feeling of mystery is retained then answering is not dangerous, it can be useful. Then every answer leads you into a deeper mystery. Then the whole thing becomes qualitatively different. Then you don’t ask to get an explanation, you ask to get deeper into the mystery. Then the curiosity is not mental, then it becomes an inquiry - a deep inquiry of being.

See the difference? You are hankering after an explanation; then it is bad, and I will be the last one to fulfill it because then I become an enemy to you, then I make things dead around you. Theologians have made even God a dead thing - they have explained it so much, they have answered so many things about God, that’s why God is dead. Humanity has not killed him - the priests, they have killed him. They explained him so much that no mystery has remained. And what is God if there is no mystery in it? If it is just a theory you can discuss it, a doctrine you can analyze, a belief you can accept or deny; then you are greater and this God is just part of the furniture of your mind - it is a dead thing.

Whenever I am talking to you remember this always: whatsoever I say is not to kill your inquiry, is not to give you explanations. I am not interested in giving you answers. Rather, on the contrary, it is to make you more inquiring, penetrating deeply into the mysteries. My answers will give you deeper questions, and a moment will come when all questioning will drop - not that you have received all the answers, but because every answer is futile. And then the mystery is total, then it is all around, without and within. Then you have become part of it, then you float in it, then you have also become a mysterious being, and only then do the doors open.

Now I can answer why I am with you, and why you are with me here.

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