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Chapter 4: Buddhas and Fools

From wonder arises two possibilities: one is of philosophy, another is of religion. If the wonder becomes a questioning you move into the dimension of philosophy and then you will be lost because it reaches nowhere, it simply destroys you. One question will lead you to one answer, one answer will lead you to a thousand questions, and so on and so forth; and the more you question and the more answers you have, the more divided and fragmentary you become. The one is lost, the one becomes many.

From the same point goes another path, that of religion. You remain with the sense of wonder, you don’t inquire, you don’t turn and convert the energy of wonder into a question; you allow the wonder to be there, you are at ease with it, absolutely at home with it. You remain with the wonder and it becomes your friend, your companion. You move with it, you sleep with it, you open your eyes in the morning and the wonder is there, you close your eyes in the night and the wonder is there. You breathe in and you breathe in wonder, you breathe out and you breathe out wonder - it becomes your whole being. Then you are a religious man.

A religious man is one who lives with wonder, who is at home with wonder, who is not in any hurry to destroy it. That’s how he comes to know not the answers, but the mystery everywhere. The mystery is not an answer. You come face to face with the mystery only when you have stopped questioning. Wonder leads to mystery, the sense of wonder grows and grows and grows and the whole of life becomes a mysterious romance. If you want a religious term for it, then it is God.

If you are not on good terms with the term God, forget about it. “The mystery” will do. Because God is not a person, God is a mystery that cannot be solved, something that you can be in. You can know it in a certain sense, in a totally diametrically opposite sense than ordinary knowledge. Your heart can know it, you can love it, and through love you can know it, but not through questioning. You live in it and you allow it to live in you - then everything is mysterious, even the leaves of grass are mysterious, everywhere is the signature of mystery, you cannot move without coming across God. Then you don’t ask where God is, then you don’t ask what God is - you know.

Remain with the sense of wonder. It is difficult, almost impossible, because your mind has been trained to inquire, to question. It is like an itch - you cannot remain with it, you would like to scratch. But try. Start with itching. If someday you find that your foot is itching, don’t scratch it, just wait, remain with the itch. How long can it persist? By and by it subsides, dissolves, and leaves no marks, no scars behind.

Remain with the sense of wonder if you can ( a deep patience is needed, because the whole mind will feel restless and will say: Ask, inquire. Why this wonder? From where does it come? To where does it go? How is it? Why is it? A thousand questions will arise, but remain with the sense of wonder, don’t allow these questions to disturb you. Even if they are there, remain indifferent to them: be attentive to the sense of the wonder and non-attentive to the questions, and soon you will see that the sense of wonder has disappeared into a sense of mystery. The sense of wonder is just like a small wave and the sense of mystery is oceanic, it is the whole ocean. The wave disappears, subsides.

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