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Chapter 10: Déjà Vu: A Small Fragment from the Past

And Farid said to his disciples, “You don’t understand. Whoever would have spoken a single word would have proved that he knows nothing. The moment I saw Kabir, I said within my heart, ‘My God, I used to think I was the only one around here. This man has reached long before - so beautiful, so luminous, so mysterious, such a miracle.’ All that I could do was rejoice with him - with laughter, with tears, with hugging.but words would have been absolutely out of place.”

There are three possibilities: the man who knows can speak to those who don’t know; the man who does not know can even speak to the man who knows; two men who do not know, can go on talking till infinity. But the fourth possibility of speaking does not exist: two men who know are bound to fall into silence. Their celebration will be of silence.

So you go on inquiring, “Who am I?” - but transform the question more into flesh and blood rather than leaving it just in words in the mind. The mind is the most superficial thing in you. Let the question become your bones, your marrow; let it beat in your heart, let it be an undercurrent whatever you are doing, awake or asleep - just a silent question mark that follows you like a shadow without making any noise.

And you can be certain - it is my promise to you - that one day suddenly, out of nowhere, you will be standing in absolute awareness, knowing the mystery which is unfathomable.

Your mystery is the mystery of everybody else; your mystery is the mystery of the whole universe.

Occasionally, a strong feeling comes over me that exactly the situation I am in at that moment has happened before. Others tell me of experiencing the same feeling and that it has been termed, ‘deja vu.’ I have always wondered what this experience was and its connection with meditation. Can you help me to understand it?

The experience termed deja vu has a reality of its own, because this is not your first time alive; you have seen many lives, many deaths. And naturally in thousands of lives it is simply impossible not to come to the same places, to meet the same faces.to see a certain tree and feel that you have seen exactly this tree before. The feeling is absolutely certain, without any doubt, you are not imagining it: you have seen a certain person before, or you have been in a situation before, in every smallest detail.

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