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Chapter 30: Let Everything Pass

He used it in a better way. He used it in discovering the truth. But he was absolutely unaware that in another part of the world, in the East, in China, in India, people had a different inheritance: almost ten thousand years of sitting silently and doing nothing.

And as silence descends on you, as thoughts start leaving, and all disturbances disappear, and the lake of your consciousness becomes almost a mirror:

You know you are the truth; you know you are love; you know you are divine.

In a single step - from mind to no-mind - all the treasures, all the mysteries of love, life, truth, blissfulness, open their doors. There is no need to argue against the false.

My contention is: even to argue against the false is to give some credit to the false, and that has been the eastern contention for thousands of years. You don’t argue with your shadow: Don’t come with me today, I don’t like you, when I don’t want you, why do you go on following me? You don’t run away from your shadow - because the shadow will run too.

A Sufi story says: “A man was afraid of his shadow, because he had read in a book that death was almost like a shadow - that when it comes, it comes like a shadow. And it became such an obsession in his mind, that he became afraid even of ordinary shadows.

He would run, and he would do everything.he would try to fight - and he was a warrior! But even your sword cannot do any harm to a shadow - the shadow does not exist. He was so tired that he asked a mystic, “What to do with the shadow? I have done everything that can be done, but nothing happens. I have broken my sword. I have been running so much to avoid it that my feet are oozing blood.”

The mystic laughed, he said, “You do one thing. Under that tree, just sit down, and then tell me, where is your shadow?”

Under the tree there was much shadow. To have a shadow you need the sun, the light. But when he went under the tree, and sat there and looked all around, there was no shadow. He said, “What a miracle you have done! You have not even moved from your place, and my shadow is gone.” The mystic said, “Your very approach was unnecessary. To fight with the false is to give credibility to the false. In your fight you have accepted that the false also has some reality.”

The East has never fought with the mind; it has found a totally different method. Its method is just to be a watcher on the hills.

Let everything pass.

Don’t judge, don’t condemn, don’t evaluate.

You are only a mirror; these are not your functions. You simply reflect - and they will all pass. If you don’t take any note of them, if you can ignore them, they will stop coming to you; they don’t want to be uninvited guests. Perhaps because of the old habit, for a few days they may continue; but you will be able to see that the traffic is becoming less and less; otherwise it is twenty-four-hour rush hour.

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