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Chapter 14: With Infinite Awaiting

There is a birth of the physical body that inevitably ends in death. I do not call this real birth. How can something that ends in death be the beginning of life? But there is another birth that does not end in death. It is the real birth, because its culmination is in deathlessness. It is toward this birth that over these few days I have been inviting you and urging you. It is for this birth that we gathered here. But merely coming together here is of no consequence. If each one of you gives birth to a thirst inside and makes a crystallized call, then this determined and integrated state of mind will bring you to the real birth. The truth is always very near, but you need determination, you need will to approach it. The thirst for truth is there in you, but a determined will is equally necessary. Only when it is united with will, does thirst become a spiritual endeavor.

What does “will” mean?

A man once asked a mystic the way to attain God. The mystic looked into his eyes and saw thirst. The mystic was on his way to the river so he asked the man to accompany him and promised to show him the way to attain God after they had bathed.

They arrived at the river, as soon as the man plunged into the water the mystic grabbed the man’s head and pushed it down into the water with great force. The man began to struggle to free himself from the mystic’s grip. His life was in danger. He was much weaker than the mystic but his latent strength gradually began to stir and soon it became impossible for the mystic to hold him down. The man pushed himself to the limits and was eventually able to surface up. He was shocked. It was almost impossible for him to understand the mystic’s strange behavior: Was the mystic mad? And the mystic was laughing loudly as well.

After the man could catch his breath the mystic asked him, “Friend, when you were under the water what desires did you have in your mind?” The man said, “Desires! there weren’t desires, there was just one desire - to get a breath of air.” The mystic said, “This is the secret of attaining God. This is will. And your will awakened all your latent powers.”

It is in such a moment of intense will that great strength is generated, and man transits from the world into the truth. It is through will that the transition from the world into truth and from the dream into truth, takes place.

At this time, at the hour of our parting, I want to remind you of this: will is needed. And what else is needed? A continuity in your spiritual endeavor is needed. Your spiritual effort should have no gaps. Have you ever seen a waterfall coming down from the mountains? It is a constant stream of falling water that eventually breaks the rocks. If you constantly endeavor to break the rocks of ignorance, those very rocks that appeared to be not giving way at all in the beginning, will one day turn into dust and you will find your way.

The path is certainly found, but it is not found ready-made. One has to create it through one’s efforts. And what dignity this is for man, how dignified it is that we attain truth by our own efforts.

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