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Chapter 16: When It Is Ripe, the Heart Opens

So in the first place, very few people reach to that state, because the people who might have reached are working in the world of chemistry, physics, mathematics, astronomy.

There are three hundred and sixty-five departments in Oxford University and each department needs geniuses to go deeper into its subject. And there is not a single department in those three hundred and sixty-five departments for mysticism.

So rarely by chance circumstances does somebody move into the world of mysticism. He may become a mystic, but he remains silent.

And the place of the master has been taken by the teacher, and a teacher is thousands of miles away from truth. He repeats only the borrowed knowledge that he has got from the scriptures, from the elders, from the universities, from the libraries - he collects it, he’s a good collector. And he preaches it as if it is his experience.

These teachers cannot help anybody to realize. On the contrary, these teachers put off thousands of people from the very search because as you come closer to them you find that it is an ordinary man, just a little more knowledgeable.

But knowledge can be accumulated sitting in a library. There is no need to surrender, no need to trust, no need to be devoted and committed. Books don’t ask you for anything.

And as they come closer they can see that he is an intellectual but not an intelligent man, and these are two different things. An intellectual is just a memory system, his memory is full, he’s a well-fed computer.

Intelligence is a totally different thing. It may not know anything in particular, but its capacity to know is very sharp. Its receptivity towards truth is very clear.

So these teachers of different religions, different cults - first, they don’t help anybody; secondly, they disappoint many to such an extent that people are simply put off - they simply forget all about truth, mysticism, the mystic path, the masters. The teacher has created a barrier for them because he has proved wrong, the whole search seems to be hocus-pocus, and people are exploiting.

Many other things have changed.

One is that in the ancient days, people were simple, innocent, childlike. The work of the master was very easy. They were open and they could be read like a book, and the master could see where a few touches are needed and the man will be awakened.

I will tell you a few stories and you can see the difference - if those things happened today what will happen?

Lin Chi, a great Zen master, had many disciples and he had given them the famous koan of “The Sound of One Hand Clapping” to meditate on and report whenever they had found the answer.

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