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Chapter 7: Death and Discipline

The second thing: the other day Narendra asked a question, a very relevant one. He said, “In Sanskrit yam means death and yam also means inner discipline. Is there any correlation between the two, death and inner discipline?” There is. That too has to be understood. Sanskrit is a very potential language. In fact no language exists in the world which is comparably potential. And each word has been coined with much care and effort - Sanskrit is not a natural language. All other languages are natural. The very word Sanskrit means created, refined, not natural. The natural language of India is called Prakrit; Prakrit means natural, that which has come out of use. Sanskrit is a refined phenomenon. It is not like natural flowers: it is like essence, refined. Much care and effort has been taken to coin single words, and it has been thought about and brooded over so that all the possibilities should be implied in it. This word yam has to be understood. It means the god of death; it also means inner discipline. But what necessary connection can there be between death and inner discipline? There seems none, but there is.

On the earth, up to now, two types of cultures have existed - both lopsided, both unbalanced. Not yet has it been possible to develop a culture which is total, whole, and holy. In the West right now, sex is given total freedom; but you may not have watched - death is suppressed. Nobody wants to talk about death; everybody is talking about sex. A vast literature of pornography exists about sex. Magazines like Playboy exist - obscene, morbid, ill, neurotic. A neurotic obsession about sex exists in the West, but death? Death is the taboo word. If you talk about death people will think you are morbid - “Why are you talking about death?” Eat, drink, be merry - that’s the motto. “Why do you bring death in? Keep it out. Don’t talk about it.”

In the East sex has been suppressed, but death is talked about freely. Exactly like the sexual, obscene pornographic literature, in the East a different type of pornography exists. I call it the pornography of death - as much obscene and morbid as the pornography of the West about sex. I have come across scriptures.. And you can find them anywhere; almost all Indian scriptures are full of death pornography. They talk about death too much. They never talk about sex; sex is the taboo. They talk about death.

All so-called mahatmas in India go on talking about death. They go on hinting about death continuously. They say, if you love a woman, “What are you doing? What is a woman? - just a skin bag. And inside there are all sorts of dirty things.” And they bring up all those sorts of dirty things; and it seems they enjoy. It is morbid. They talk about the mucus inside the body, the blood, the flesh; they talk about the stomach, about the belly full of excreta, the bladder full of urine. “This is your beautiful woman. Bag of dirt! And you are falling in love with this bag. Be alert.”

But this is something to understand: in the East when they want to make you aware that life is dirty they bring in the woman; in the West when they want to make you aware that life is beautiful they again bring in the woman. Look at Playboy: plastic girls, so beautiful. They don’t exist in the world; they are not real. They are manufactured photographic tricks - and everything has been done, retouched again and again. And they become the ideals. And thousands of people fantasize about them and dream about them.

The sexual pornography depends on the body of the woman and the death pornography also depends on the body of the woman. And then they say, “You are falling in love? This young woman soon is going to become old. Soon she will he a dirty old hag. Be alert, and don’t fall in love, because soon this woman is going to die: then you will weep and cry and then you will be in suffering.” If you have to bring life in, the body of the woman is needed. If you have to bring death in, the body of the woman is needed.

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