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Chapter 15: After the Dark Night Is the Dawn

Sometimes it can happen without any effort. It happens while making love, doing meditation; sometimes while dancing or singing and sometimes for no reason at all. But whenever your rhythm coincides with the magnetic field of the earth, you feel very very happy and glowing, just beautiful. Just to be is a benediction.

So whether one achieves it through sex or meditation or dancing, through listening to music or watching beautiful scenery or looking at the stars, is irrelevant. The whole point is that when your body becomes too tense, for any reason at all, just do this and it will give you total relaxation.

When our rhythm and the rhythm of the earth are different, the tension arises. A child is not sexual because his rhythm is still the same as that of the earth. But when he grows he will go far away from being natural, will become part of the society and will start becoming tense and worried. Anguish and then sex will arise. The more tense a society, the more sexual it becomes.

That is why the West has become so sexual. Because there are so many tensions, they have to be released, and there seems no other way to release them. But there are a thousand and one ways. So you just try this.


I want to jump and yet I haven’t jumped, I want to do what you want me to do, and yet there’s a part of me that resists, and I’m in so much confusion(.

(laughing) I know, it is natural. Nobody can surrender totally, nobody. If you can surrender totally then right this moment you will become enlightened. Nothing remains to be done then.

So you cannot be total in the beginning; it is not so easy. Even if a part can surrender that is more than enough. One should be happy about it.

When I say, “Don’t create a problem,” I mean this: that a part of you is surrendered, another part is not - that’s why there is conflict. The conflict is natural because now you are divided, and the part that is surrendered knows the beauty of it and would like the other part to surrender too. But the other part is completely unaware of it and is afraid, so conflict arises.

Don’t pay much attention to the other part. A little part is surrendered - be happy about it, be grateful. Even that doesn’t happen to millions of people. They waste their whole life, and never come to know what love is, what surrender and trust are.

Through your gratefulness other parts will follow by and by. Emphasis should be on the part that has surrendered - that should be your center. The other parts that are not surrendered should be left to the periphery. You should be indifferent.

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