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Chapter 5: I Sing the Glory of Forms

Growth is a rare phenomenon. It is natural, yet rare. When the seed has found its right soil, it grows. It is very natural, growth is natural; but to find the right soil - that is the very crux of the matter.

In today’s songs, Kabir is giving very clear directions. Try to understand them.

Sadho, sahajai kaya sadho.
O sadhu! Purify your body in the simple way.

This word sadhu is very beautiful; it has to be understood. It has become associated with wrong meanings, but the word is tremendously significant. The very word sadhu means simple, spontaneous, innocent. The very word means innocent.

But if you go and look around India, and you go to sadhus, you will not find them innocent at all. They are very complex people, more complex than the ordinary, worldly people. From where has their complexity come? They are not spontaneous at all, they are not natural at all. They are doing unnatural things. They are trying, somehow, to go against nature, to go upstream. They are not moving with the river, they are trying to push the river. Hence, they have become unnatural. They are not sadhus, they are not innocent people.

The first ingredient in a sadhu will be the understanding that one is ignorant. Ignorance brings innocence; knowledge makes you corrupted. If you can honestly, sincerely say, “I don’t know,” you become a sadhu: the first step.

Somebody asks you, “Does God exist or not?” and you say, “I don’t know” - your response is that of a sadhu. In Buddhist literature, whenever somebody came to Buddha and Buddha asked, “Do you believe in God? Do you believe in hell, heaven? Do you believe in the soul?” and the man says, “I don’t know, sir,” Buddha would say, “Sadhu, sadhu. You are innocent, you are greatly innocent, you are tremendously innocent.” This is the first step.

Knowledge creates complexity: the more you know, the more you become complex - and the more you become cunning, and the more you start trying to deceive and cheat nature. An innocent person remains in cooperation with nature; a man of knowledge starts cheating nature, exploiting nature. He uses his knowledge to force nature to serve him.

That’s how you see science trying to cheat nature. Of course, in the long run, nature is going to take revenge. You cannot cheat nature for long. Finally, your cheating is going to be a destructive step against yourself. That’s what has happened: three hundred years of scientific cheating, and now the whole of humanity is coming close to its total death, a global suicide.

To become a sadhu, the first thing is: don’t claim knowledge - because all knowledge is illusory. You don’t know exactly what the case is, nobody knows. Only ignorant people think they know; the wise people know that they don’t know.

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