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Chapter 6: God Is the Original Sinner

The questioner is very clear and very right. On the surface, Christian theology seems to be saying that God is opposed to evil, but if you look more deeply then you see that it is not actually opposed to evil, it is opposed to the natural.

All religions are against nature. It is not only Christianity. Why are they against nature? There is a great psychological strategy. The strategy is that if you are programmed to be against nature, you will live a miserable life, you will live in anxiety, anguish, perversion, guilt.

This whole phenomenon can only be created if you are programmed to be against nature. If you are natural, then you will be just as happy as all the birds, and all the trees, and all the animals. They don’t worship God, they don’t go to any church, they don’t have any theology, they don’t have any feeling of guilt. They are simply natural.

The priests found out very early in human history that man can be forced to be God oriented only if he is forced to be against nature - because once you are against nature you are schizophrenic: your whole being is part of nature, just your mind is against nature, because only the mind can be programmed, not your body.

So you may take the vow of celibacy, but that does not change your biology, that does not change your physiology. It is just a mind concept, just words. Your blood will go on creating sexual energy, your body will go on creating sexual hormones.

Have you seen the statues of Buddha, of Mahavira and the twenty-three other tirthankaras of the Jainas? You will be surprised. They don’t have any beard, any mustache. Do you think these people had no beard, no mustache? But it is the cunning priests who made these statues, to make it clear to you that these people are not sexual, because mustaches and beards come because of certain hormones. Man has those hormones, the woman does not.

To show that their physiology has also changed, their beards and their mustaches have been removed. No photographs exist, and the statues were made after they had died, three hundred years after. Nobody has any idea, nobody has seen these people. But the desire you can figure out.

Krishna has no beard, no mustache. Rama has no beard, no mustache. What is happening to these people? You go on seeing your celibate monks, and they are continuously growing beards and mustaches. Their celibacy has failed. The beard and mustache show that your manhood is still the same in spite of your promise in front of the statue of Jesus or any other god that you are going to follow celibacy. Celibacy remains only in your mind, but your whole body, your whole structure is in favor of nature. So you are split into two parts, and a house divided is going to fall any moment.

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