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Chapter 14: A Rock among the Waves

And the second crime was that I have arranged thousands of marriages. I was for three and a half years silent, not speaking, not meeting any sannyasins except my secretary, to be informed how the commune was going. I have not told anybody to get married because fundamentally I am against marriage. And if I can manage one thousand, or thousands of marriages, why can I not manage a marriage for myself? If that is the way to get residence, I could have married as many American women as they want! But I am absolutely against marriage, and the man who was making all these charges said such a hilarious thing - that I have arranged thousands of marriages which are fake, but certainly at least one marriage I have arranged..

Now the man is only certain about one marriage. On what logical grounds does he stretch it to thousands of marriages? He himself admits that he is certain only about one marriage. And strangely enough, all the other marriages were not recognized - only that marriage was recognized, given a green card for employment and residence. This is strange. This is bribery - they have purchased those two persons, and neither of them has ever talked to me. And as far as marriage is concerned, not even the word had been uttered by those two persons or by me. They had no way to meet me.

On these two flimsy grounds, four hundred thousand dollars as a punishment! I don’t know who paid those four hundred thousand dollars, because hundreds of sannyasins were there in the court. The court was almost my court. Strangely enough when I entered the court people stood up, and when the judge entered it was announced: “Stand up; the judge is coming in.” Sometimes I wonder.who is the judge?

And now the government of the state of Kulu Manali wants to arrest me. I don’t even know the names of those who paid the fine. I have nothing to do with it, I have never paid a single rupee to anybody. In the first place I don’t have it - and a very logical thing has to be understood..

I always left in the right time. That’s what I say: existence manages things if you leave it to existence. I left Rajneeshpuram in America. The next day they were going to bring four helicopters - their helicopters were coming every day to find my house, and from the helicopters they were going to drop paratroopers to arrest me. Just a few hours before, I left Rajneeshpuram to go to a beautiful mountain resort that belonged to my sannyasins. They had been insisting for two years - it is strange that on that day I decided that okay, two years were enough. They had prepared the place; they just wanted me to rest there. And the government was in shock - their whole program had failed.

I left Kulu Manali just one hour before - I was still at the airport when they reached the hut where I had been living near the river. And now again the Indian government is continuously sending letters saying that I have to pay taxes. It is such a stupid and illogical step - in logic they call it infinite regression - if I pay the tax, then I have to pay tax on the money that I am paying as tax. Naturally.where is it going to end? Whenever I pay tax, I owned that money - on that money I have to pay the tax again. And it will go on infinitely. Either you stop at the first step or there is no way to stop. And they know perfectly well that I don’t have any money, I don’t have any possessions. Everything the people who love me allow me to use, belongs to them.

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