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Chapter 22: The Greatest Discovery There Is

One of my sannyasins, a world-famous economist, received the Nobel prize three years ago and naturally, when he received the Nobel prize and the honor, the first idea in his mind was: “Will it ever be possible for these people to understand Osho and recognize him?”

He asked the president of the Nobel Prize Committee.and now that he is a Nobel prize winner he can propose anybody’s name - only a member of the Nobel committee can propose a name. So he asked the president: “You have also been reading Osho, why is everybody silent about this man? We should take the matter in hand. His books should be considered for a Nobel prize.”

The president of the committee said, “Say it in such a way that nobody else hears - at least, his name should not be heard by anybody. I love the man. I know you love the man, and I know a few more people love him; but it is almost impossible for the committee to decide to give him a Nobel prize because this committee consists of people who have already brought names given by their governments.”

“Osho has no government. On the contrary, all the governments are against him; all the religions are against him. And these people here cannot gather enough courage to be against the religions and against the governments, to go against the rich people who are dominating and to propose Osho’s name. But I would suggest you not get into trouble, because there will be international pressure not to give him the Nobel prize. I have received a few suggestions to give him the Nobel prize but I have received a hundred times more letters saying, ‘Be alert! This man should not get the award!’ And I don’t want to get involved in a worldwide controversy.”

“The moment you offer this man’s name there will be a worldwide controversy about it. I am a non-controversial man.” All politicians are non-controversial. They cannot afford to be controversial. It needs a lion’s heart, and your politicians are simply rats.

There must also be some jealousy involved in it, because I am the only man, with the whole world against him, homeless.. They can manage to crucify me. And in fact, I belong to the category of people who have been crucified. I don’t belong to the Nobel prize winners. My prize can be only like the poison to Socrates, crucifixion to Jesus, death to Al-Hillaj Mansoor - those are my rewards.

So they are unnecessarily jealous. Even if they decide to give me the Nobel prize, I refuse it beforehand - in advance. I don’t want to take any chances. I don’t have any respect for your rewards or your prizes.

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