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Chapter 6: First Find Yourself

Beautiful letters still exist, that were written by Blavatsky herself. She made a special ceiling.Her followers would sit in Adyar, Madras, with closed eyes in the dark night - no light because divine masters don’t want to be seen. Damodar was hiding and would slip a letter from the ceiling. A light would be brought in.the letter was coming from Master K.H.

Those are beautiful letters; they are collected and published. There was no need.the letters themselves are significant, but this way they became very mystical.

Now the followers were not just reading letters written by human hands, but by a great master who is the guide of all those who are in search of the ultimate truth.

I have been in the place in Adyar from where those letters have been dropped, and strange is the gullibility of human beings.. The writing is clearly human, the paper is material, the ink is material, and looked at closely, anybody could have figured that it is the writing of Blavatsky herself and nobody else. But when you want to believe you become blind. When you want to believe you don’t listen to any rationality, your own reason.it feels good to believe.

Blavatsky created one of the greatest esoteric schools in the world, the Theosophical movement. And the reasons people believed in that movement were all neither rational nor mystical, nor based on spiritual experience. In a certain way they were cunning, fraudulent, but very sufficing, very satisfying, very gratifying.

Just today one of my secretaries, Anando, informed me that a nice French gentleman is here. Nothing is wrong with the person, he just believes that he can heal spiritually - and there are thousands of “spiritual healers” in the world. If they are really true there should be no need of any hospitals. Naturally, because he does not understand much English - he is French - all the French sannyasins immediately gathered around him and he talked about me.

These are the ways people are tricked. First he said, “Your master has the biggest spiritual aura that I have seen in my lifetime.” Naturally you feel very gratified: your master has the biggest aura. He has to have, because he is your master, he is no ordinary master!

And he must have heard - it is all over the world in every newspaper, in every language - that I have been poisoned in America, and the poison has affected my body badly. So he said, “Your master’s aura is the biggest, but on his left hand, just on the top of the left hand there is a black hole.”

Now there he missed! The problem is with my right hand, not with my left hand! And the poison cannot create black holes. But just this mistake reveals what he was trying to do..

Everybody knows that I walk like a drunkard. Now nothing can be done about it; I have been walking that way my whole life. I am a man who is utterly drunk.

So he said, “His aura is great, but the energy of the aura is not flowing into his legs. I can heal him and I have come here to heal him.”

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