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Chapter 36: And If the Song Bursts Forth.

The car never appeared, he could never go to Henry Ford. And that old man was very strange; he used to call once in a while on the phone and say, “What happened about the car? If it has not appeared yet, withdraw the book from the market. It is sheer cheating!” And the whole book is about positive thinking - only think positive thoughts.

And you can see the difference: what I am doing here is.all thoughts are useless - positive or negative. They are two sides of the same coin. You are not to change from the negative to the positive; you have to go beyond both. You have to drop them both, you have to become a thoughtless consciousness. And out of that consciousness, whatever you do will be right. Whatever you do will have tremendous beauty. Whatever you do will be satisfying.

Does sex energy need to be expressed through sex, or is it just that we label this energy as such through biological needs? If energy doesn’t get expressed through sex, is it a repression, or can it be transformed and find other channels?

The energy can be transformed, but only after you have lived it naturally. If you have not expressed it naturally - sex energy, sexually - you cannot move towards transformation.

When sex is expressed as pure sex - and there is no sin in it, there is no need to feel guilty about it; this is the way your bodies are made, this is the way your biology functions - express it. Just by expressing it naturally, there will come a moment when the compulsion to express it as sex will disappear. That is the turning moment, now transformation is possible.

First, natural expression to the satisfaction of the natural instinct in you, and then transformation is possible, because now the energy will not compel you to express it as sex; it is satisfied. It has known what sexual experience is. Only after this, the transformation is possible, and the transformation will happen through meditation.

So whenever you feel energy in you, and no desire to express it sexually, simply sit silently and meditate. Meditation will make the path for the energy to move higher, and you will know that the same energy which was expressed as sex, ultimately is expressed as samadhi, as super-consciousness. It is the same energy - just the label of expression goes on changing. But if something remains incomplete, you will be dragged again and again to it.

The religions have a reason to repress sex. They all wanted to transform the energy, so naturally they thought that sex should be blocked, expressed in any other way; that blocked energy then could be transformed into spirituality. But they had no understanding about sex or energy or transformation.

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