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Chapter 3: Love Is Your Joy

And to experience this, all that is needed is very simple: one should put his prejudices aside. One should not be a Christian, otherwise he cannot come to this moment of luminosity. One should put one’s communism aside, just for the moment. I am not saying put it aside forever. I am saying just put it aside for the moment, because I know that once you have put it aside for a single moment you have put it aside forever.

Why do you think that is?

Because the experience will transform you so totally that you need not go to the church; the whole existence becomes your church. You need not read the Bible; the songs of the birds, the fragrance of the flowers, the sound of the running water will give you all the gospels that you need. And they will be living. They will not be dead words printed in a book. They will be alive - as alive as you are.

And, if your heart starts dancing with the living that surrounds you, what is the need to be a Christian, what is the need to be a Mohammedan? These are for people who are asleep, and have never tasted anything of life. These are toys given to children to play with, to remain engaged, to remain busy. Your religions are not for mature people; they are childish.

To change the subject here, does society have a responsibility to its disadvantaged people?



None. Society has destroyed people in the first place, and then starts talking about responsibility. Each child is being destroyed by the society, distracted from his nature, distracted from what he was going to be, what existence has meant him to be.

First the society distracts him, disturbs him - and then when he is disturbed, these great public servants start coming and saying that the society has some responsibility. This is a very cunning game. First make a man sick, and then run to fulfill your responsibility, service, duty, humanity, compassion, and bring medicine. But why hurt the person in the first place?

All children are born so innocent that if you can just leave them alone to be themselves, if you love them - and love is not a responsibility.

I am reminded of a small anecdote:

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