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Chapter 10: The Alpha Is the Omega

Please describe the developmental gap between the man of spiritual experience who has already attained a certain degree of higher awareness, even certain psychic skills and capacities, and the fully enlightened being - the living buddha.

This is the difference: a man who has become absolutely positive is the man of spiritual attainment. The person who has become absolutely negative.. When I say absolutely negative, I mean ninety-nine percent negative, because absolute negativity is not possible. Neither is absolute positivity possible: the other is needed. The quantity can change, the degrees differ.

The man who is ninety-nine percent negative and one percent positive is the most fallen man, what Christians call the sinner - one percent positive. That too is needed only to help his ninety-nine percent negativity. But in everything he is negative. Whatsoever you say, only no is the response. Whatsoever existence asks, only no is the response. The atheist is one who cannot say yes to anything, who has become incapable of saying yes, who cannot trust. This man suffers hell. And because he says no to everything, he becomes a no, a yawning no; anger, violence, suppression, sadness, all together - he becomes a hell personified.

It is difficult to find such a man because it is difficult to be such a man. To live in a ninety-nine percent hell is very difficult. But just to explain to you, I am saying this. This is the mathematical possibility. One can become if one tries. You will not find such a man anywhere. Even a Hitler is not that destructive. The whole energy becomes destructive, not only of others, but of oneself also. The whole attitude is suicidal. When a person commits suicide, what is he saying? He is saying no to life through his death. He is saying no to God, that “You cannot create me. I will destroy myself.”

Sartre, one of the great thinkers of this age, says that suicide is the only freedom: freedom from God. Why freedom from God? Because there is no freedom. You don’t have any freedom to create yourself. Whenever you are, you find yourself already created. Birth you cannot take: that is not your freedom. But Sartre says, “You can commit death. That is your freedom.” You can say at least one thing definitively to God: “I am free.” This man who lives always near the abyss of suicide is the last, the greatest sinner.

In existentialism, which Sartre preaches, these words have become very meaningful: anguish, boredom, sadness. They have to become meaningful because this man will live in anguish, boredom. But one percent positivity is needed. He will say yes to boredom, to suicide, to anguish. Only for this much he has a need to say yes. This is the modern man, who is coming nearer and nearer to this lost soul. This is the sinner, the fallen.

On the other peak exists the spiritual man. On the other peak, ninety-nine percent positive, one percent negative, is the spiritual man. He says yes to everything. He has only one no, and that no is against no, that’s all. Otherwise he is yes. But because a total yes cannot exist, he has a need to say no.

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