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Chapter 7: The Mysterious One

The bishops could not believe. They said, “Can you do it?”

He said, “If Jesus can do it, an old Jew, why can’t every rabbi do it?”

They said, “My God, we used to think that it is something special.”

They said, “It is very ordinary as far as Judaism is concerned.”

So the rabbi got out from the boat, walked a few feet away, and came back. The bishops could not believe their eyes, they were stunned. One bishop said, “If you can do it.I am a believer in Jesus, can I also try?”

The rabbi said, “It is perfectly good, you can try. If your faith is right you will be able to walk on water.”

But he got out of the boat from the other side and immediately started drowning and shouting, “Help! Help!”

So the rabbi asked the other bishop, “Should we tell the old boy the right way to walk on water? It has to be on this side of the boat. There are stones.you have to know exactly where the stones are. Then anybody can do it.”

Poor fellow.stepped out on the wrong side. Neither faith nor no-faith is going to help.

But people go on insisting, particularly the priesthood of the all the religions.

Nikos Kazantzakis was expelled from the Orthodox Church of Greece, because he wrote a book on Jesus as if he were a human being, not a son of God. Of course human beings cannot walk on water. They go on water in the proper way - in a small boat or a big boat. But the Orthodox Church expelled him for making Jesus Christ a human being. In his book Jesus falls in love with Mary Magdalen. Now that is absolutely insulting to the orthodox mind.

Just yesterday Anando brought me the news that in America they have been trying to make a film based on that book. But continually the government comes in, the church comes in, and there are huge demonstrations that the making of the film should be stopped. And the only point in the film they insist is wrong.It’s very human, Jesus hanging on the cross falls asleep, nothing to do.and thinks of Mary Magdalen. That is the problem, he simply dreams of his girlfriend.

Now another producer has taken courage, knowing perfectly well that the film will be banned, will have to go underground. But it is worth making to bring Jesus down to the earth, to make him a son of the earth. What is wrong in it? The poor fellow is hanging on the cross, isn’t that enough? You cannot give him even the small solace of dreaming about his girlfriend? I don’t think there is anything wrong about it.

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