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Chapter 8: Get It?

A well-loved child remains healthy. He is neither thin nor fat; he keeps a balance. But if the mother is cold, if the mother is unwilling, then the child starts stuffing himself too much because he is afraid - who knows the next hour the mother will be available or not? He fills himself to his total capacity; his belly starts becoming bigger.

All poor children have bigger bellies for the simple reason the mother will be going to the work the whole day; they will miss the mother. She may come by the evening - tired, exhausted, not in a mood to love or to be warm. The child will look like a burden. And once the child’s association has moved from love to food, then his whole life will be an unnecessary complexity.

It is not accidental that in India where celibacy has been propounded for centuries, exalted by centuries, people have become food addicts. So many spices you will not find anywhere else in the world, and so many kinds of food. The reason is that people’s love life is starved and they have to fill it somehow, stuff it somehow with food.

Two middle-aged men were discussing their diminished libido. One said to the other, “Yes, food is replacing sex as the great fascination in my life. As a matter of fact, I am having a mirror installed over the kitchen table next week!”

But I hope that you don’t literally mean, Sant, your question. I take it in a metaphorical way. Then it is okay. If you mean that, what am I cooking for you today? then it is okay, because I am constantly worried who is going to ring the bells of Jerusalem on the gate! If you become a Nityananda, Akandananda, Shivananda - and you can - you are a Punjabi, big body, you can defeat all these “nandas.” If you really become interested in food you can come on the top! But I think your question is metaphorical.

Jack was telling his buddy that he met a girl who didn’t know the difference between Caesar salad and sexual intercourse.

“Did you explain it to her?” his buddy asked.

“Hell, no! But I have lunch with her every day!”

If that is your meaning of lunch, then it is perfectly okay. With my blessings go ahead.

The second question:

I never feared anything and never chose to escape in my life. There is only one thing that scared me and gave me an unbearable feeling to escape - boredom. Why am I so afraid of boredom? What am I trying to escape really?

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