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Chapter 23: “Nothing” Is My Sword

Abraham Lincoln stuttered a little, so he was taught to stutter. He was also a little lame - walking, one of his legs was a little longer than the other. So great massage, traction was done on the poor man to make one leg a little longer. Obviously he started walking like a lame man, stuttering. Experts in voice training trained him to speak with exactly the voice of Abraham Lincoln. He was made into an exact carbon copy. And for one year continually, every night, he was performing. People loved him, loved his acting, loved it that even Abraham Lincoln could not do better.

When the year was finished he came home walking like Abraham Lincoln, lame, stuttering. At first the family thought he was joking, but he was not joking; it had become fixed in his mind that he was Abraham Lincoln. He used the same dress, which was no longer in fashion, and urchins would follow him on the street shouting, “Abraham Lincoln is coming!”

He was taken to a psychoanalyst. He entered his office - but it was no longer a part, it was no longer acting. He was so identified that he told the psychoanalyst, “You should be respectful to the president of the country.” The psychoanalyst gave him many sessions, but even in the sessions he was stuttering - and he had never stuttered in his whole life. The voice and everything that he had learned and practiced, and for one year continually had to do.

Finally the psychoanalyst called his family and said, “This man cannot be cured, because it is not an illness. He has taken a new identity, and unless he is shot just like Abraham Lincoln he is not going to listen to anybody else. But shooting this poor man will not be a cure; he will be finished, and he will die like Abraham Lincoln. That will be really the proof that what he is saying is absolutely right.”

Your confusion is your sickness. Your mind is your sickness. Coming to a state of no-mind is health, wholeness.

That is what is meant by enlightenment. You are no longer identified with the body. Have you ever thought for a single moment.you were a child, you became a young man, you became old - which body is yours? And the first day, when your mother got pregnant, on that day also you had a body. If the picture is shown to you, it will be simply a picture of a small egg - are you going to say that this is Jean-Luc?

And if it is not Jean-Luc, then you cannot be Jean-Luc either because that small egg is the beginning, and then for nine months in the mother’s womb you have passed through all the stages humanity has passed through its evolution. First you have been a fish; that’s what has given the idea to the scientists that life was born in the ocean. But scientists have come to this conclusion only just now. In India, for almost ten thousand years, the idea has been prevalent that the first incarnation of God was a fish, matsyavatar.

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